Super Happiness Tokusatsu Cosplay Force

Super Happiness Tokusatsu Cosplay Force

"Presumably stemming from the generally acrobatic, superheroic nature of most manga and videogame characters, a rather peculiar trend has also permeated Japanese cosplay competition: cartwheeling. The ability to perform a cartwheel in full costume - regardless as to whether doing so fits with the psychological profile of the character being mimicked - is a sure way of scoring a few extra otaku-points. Whether this anomaly has evolved to demonstrate the durability and couture quality of the costume, or whether it's a cheap trick to upskirt a hot babe wearing a school uniform, it's difficult to say. I kinda hope it's the latter."

Spanner takes a good, long look at Cosplay.


Damn I wish I didnt read this. Now I want to cosplay even more

I only read the first page, and I had to stop for the obvious fiction. In short, anybody who knows a Japanese knows that they are just as enamored with the red carpet as the west. Arguments can be made that they are more so. Secondly, I have seen to many Clouds at Cosplay to buy the claim of humble and eclectic.

Strike Two. You're out. I'm not giving the article a chance at a third strike, because the first two were such great examples of ignorance, its resulting generalization and prejudice, and its resulting racism. The author might as well have written that the the sky is orange in Japan due only to the fact that the author would happen to fancy an orange sky.


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