What’s Mine is Yours and What’s Yours is Yours

What's Mine is Yours and What's Yours is Yours

"Ownership" is not a dirty word, and we shouldn't be restricted from using our products in reasonable manners. The fact technology changes and opens up new opportunities for consumers should not, by default, mean every company threatened by that new technology has the right to confine and restrict their customers. It's the corporations' job to adapt to a changing marketplace.

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A literate, informative, and well-reasoned presentation of the Internet's favorite dead horse. I enjoyed reading it.

This post is (C) 2007 Internet Guy Holdings and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form unless you ask me really nicely.

Yes, when you "buy a game", you actually get some sort of licence to use that copy of the initial sacrosaint code, and only be allowed to use it within restrictive bounds, which in fact largely infringe on individual rights.

They become more and more intolerant, because of the piracy.

I wonder if they are not taking the problem the wrong way.
Remember how production costs were largely lowered with the mass printing of music on CDs. Yet, did the consumers really see this reflect on the price of the final product?
Maybe they're just reaping the fruits of some abuse.

Now, I also consider that certain things have to be protected to a certain extent. That is vague, notably because I don't wish to get into too much details, but you can't break down all protections for the glory of the total free market. That would be absurd.

Bongo Bill:
A literate, informative, and well-reasoned presentation of the Internet's favorite dead horse. I enjoyed reading it.

Sweaty tits for free!

This post is (C) 2007 Internet Guy Holdings and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form unless you ask me really nicely.

I made a free mod.

I couldn't agree with your article more Sean, and I thank you for writing what needed to be said. But let's take a step back here, and look at how formulaic big industries have become. Actual voices of gamers are indeed being shut out of things we actually purchase to enjoy.
It seems that the video game industry is getting crammed into some mould for us to accept on face value, and just take for granted. It's gotten out of hand when we are forced to buy our own separate copies of the same game just to play LAN. It;s gotten out of hand when we have to register our products online, to have a set limit to install it with if we do not uninstall it properly. These say nothing to what we want as gamers, and what is actually feasible to our lifestyle.

The industry has simplified the formula for big profits. It gets set up with big corporate sponsorships for advertisements and political pandering. Such as EA games shelving out renditions of the same sports game year after year. Anyone else notice the changing advertisements for each one more than the actual game itself? We also get emphasis on graphics to the point where game-play runs as smooth as petting a porcupine.

And don't get me started on Spike TV's Video Game Awards. Award ceremonies are bad as it is, but this one takes the cake. What does this offer? Hollywood celebrities advertising their movies? Army recruitment ads practically every commercial break? A whole separate category for 50 cent to win? This is what gaming is about?

We have public relation duds working for these major gaming developers who don't even have a clue. They create things like G4 for the new "modern" and "retro" gamer out there (ie, beer guzzling frat boys screaming racist obscenities on xbox live) boasting flashy game reviews with qualifications such as "how hot does it get a girl". And THEY, of all people, get access to E3 to show gamers everywhere what's going on with the future of this industry?

Let's keep our eye on the big ball here. Video games are meant to be fun. It's something we do to relax at the end of the day, unwind some tension, and have fun with friends with. It's meant for us to ENJOY. It's not meant for people to try and make it trendy with celebrities, or elaborate review shows. It already is doing a good job of sustaining itself. But what do we get? The industry moves ahead in a direction gamers aren't exactly happy about. Is this how our hobby is making it into mainstream? Is this how we are to be represented?

And what little voice we get tends to get fired apparently. Wholesome reviews no longer exist. We get pandering, and then some more pandering. How about we actually bring it back to basics here. What do we want as gamers? How about we set up our own awards, rankings, criteria, and more importantly, we set it up ourselves. How about instead of pouring tons of money into an awards show where the hosts don't even seem to understand the hobby, we host one online? How about we use the technology that most gamers have access to (ie, the Internet), and form our own voice in this industry? How about instead of trying to be trendy, and having clueless morons represent our pastime, we do it ourselves in our own way?

Frankly the media mafia and the retailers that are in the racket to rape the public are the problem not the people that copy not the even the pirates that try and sell off stuff.

The problem is price,ownership and retuning a bad product.

1.Price is the biggest issue they want top dollar for a product yet limit how that product is "used" for these prices I should be able to go to the retailer and return a 3 day old game I can't play because the publishers didn't give a damn and launch it unfinished, I can do this with any other product return poorly designed stuff and get my money back on it, abusers are always found and blacklisted this should be no damn diffrent, the game industry is passing the buck to retail and they to us, this needs to end either with better service or lower prices.

2.Ownership and DRM is another issue when DRM prevents the free resell of a item you ave to wonder what the world is coming to, its a sublime attack on consumer freedoms who here can remember when the music mafia tried to outlaw used CD sales?

This is not soemthing the public should stand for, I can handle DRM as long as it dose not impede my rights as a consumer, install tokens are a unnecessary in any form, a active key check ban of clinets is more than enough.

When I buy a game its mine to resale,loan and even rent to friends if I desire ,I even have the right to archive and back it up so my original is not damaged,if prices where lower I would not worry about killing a 40$+ game.

I have gotten to the point I wont put up with stupid DRM or needless activations and hack and crack the games I buy as I see fit I also do this with windows nothing like it bitching at you for changing hardware and then locking up and you waste 20min calling home to get a 20+ digit number, no way in hell not at these prices will I put up with this BS, its bad that the consumer has to take the initiative to protect them selfs from from blind corporate policies and greed.

3.10+ years ago one could return a game for a refund but now tis like the black plague no one wants to take responsibility for poorly designed products not the music industry not the game industry and certainly not hollywood, retail as well is to blame they don't have to do the extra work to take in the returns thus they all have conspired together to blame everything on the "pirates" when their policies are what fails them.

In my mind retuning games is good for the industry because they will feel the shock of poorly amde games faster, how well would bioshock have sold if 30% where returned due to the game being broken on the PC, what about thos who feel hosed when they got Halo 3 and found it was shorter than the first 2?

Quality is not stifled when returns are in place,but without the ability to return a poorly designed game the industry can delay and pass the buck ad nausum, if you want to keep these bloated premium prices returns need to return, with the money moving in both the game and retail industries there is no reason they can not absorb the losses and track failed products better.

PS:mainstream reviews have been slanted for the better part of 7 years, I generally treat ti as a grain of salt and see their reviews padded by 1-3 points, and most 9+'s are automatically a 7 in my book.

Zippy definitions:Pirate(post modern)
"A pirate is not a person who fishes the net for data to cook and mount, its a person or group that tries to make money from fish sticks and talking fish heads."

I'd like to post a link to a book, http://www.free-culture.cc/freecontent discussing at length the issue of copyright law. Highly relevant here. This is a law professor who actually tried taking the matter to the supreme court. Also, his closer, if you read the afterword for suggestions is firing lots of lawyers.

I liked the read, although there were a couple of places it rambled. And I tend towards more extreme views of the implications.


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