Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero III

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Here are your freaks Yanzee, check out this kid go

did anyone else think that the "No Poofters" bit was a reference to the Bruce skit in Monty Pythons Flying Circus?


no, your not. learn real fucking guitar, you priks.

Tell me, when people complain about Medal of Honor, do you tell them to "join the real fucking army, you prik?" :p

Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so I will. The review made Diggnation episode #130! Kevin seemed to be familiar with Yahtzee's reviews, but Alex had yet seen any. Damn fine review!

So for an average player like me, once you've done Medium there's not much left.

Only if you have the muscle memory of a mackerel.

Here are your freaks Yanzee, check out this kid go

thats ridiculous, not even Herman Ree himself could do that

By the way its called the no life syndrom anyone can get amazing at a game if they play it to much, normally I just get to the really good lv then stop. Some people take it much farther though.

I agree with the review this is my first Guitar hero game, but I am an advend DDR fan and looked forward to it.

I got the game flew though normal mode and hard mode up till tier 8 all in one day then I ran into freken raining blood I tried it a few times, then went to expert mode and beat tier 1 and 2 which were far far easier.

As Far as not liking the songs get a Guitar hero emulator sure the background sucks and most of the charts will be bad, just be diligent and find the right songs with good charts.

And by the way Fire and Flames is not very hard considering looking at the customs for Black Winter Night, and Valley of the Damnned.

If you think thats frekish I can press the stum button down just down fast enough to play fire and flames. The trick to just go to the point were it click aka hit it lightly otherwise the reset motion will take to long and you will be going slower. Took me a while to figure that out.

Lol, this is my favorite one yet. Too funny!

am i the only person on the planet that think GH sucks?

No, you're not. I get embarrassesd when my mates are all "omg dude you have *got* to play guitar hero it ROCKS!!!!"
/me reads up on it.
no....WAY am i ever playing that crap. i dont even need to play this joke of a game to know thats it going to be just like all those rubbish mini games that plague the wii right now.

absolute pile of rotting horse.

I havent played any GH apart from GH3 so maybe I dont know what I'm talking about but I thought it was fun. One by Metallica seemed too easy to be put in that group for me, but then I havent played past medium so Maybe it leaps up at hard. Blood rain is freakishly hard. I only just managed to do it (again only on medium) but I imagine that the poeple who do get it are really into the game. Why is it considered having 'no life' when you enjoy video games. Just because your having fun does not depend on sunshine and loads of people talking at u.
And all the people telling us to go play real guitar, just grow up. Guitar Hero 3 is for fun and drifting off into a fantisy world where you are Queen (or king) of rock. It isnt about people wanting to play guitar. So just get off your high horse. Sorry if thats harsh but really guys, does it matter that the game is u playing a little guitar controller instead of a real guitar? Not very much.

Another great review. Very funny.

My general experience has shown me that many of those most opposed to or the ones that absolutely hate Guitar Hero have never actually played it. Certainly, there are some that have played it and found it lacking, but I've never met one.

Generally, in my own personal experience, once they've played a song or two and gotten the idea, they're hooked, especially if they like any of the songs on the setlist.

Honestly guys, don't hate it because it's popular, or because you think it looks stupid. Try first, then judge. And an honest try too. Not one of those "Fine, I'll play three notes... oh look it's crap" kinda tries that people who have already made up their minds do.

It's the most pure fun I've had from gaming since I first played NES at my friend's house at age four.

i hate to say it but when i first saw guitar hero i thought who the hell would want to play this , then i bought GH2 and have been hooked, but basically i play it enough that im good at it but im not some freak like the guy who recently FC'd Jordan(btw what the hell does FC'd mean, i get that it means perfected but whats so damn hard about spelling perfected)

"The day I fork out seventy bucks for an expansion pack is the day I swallow razor wire, pull the end out of my ass, and floss myself to death."

Dude. Easily the one thing I have ever seen or heard on the internet that has made me laugh the hardest. You rock, keep up the good work.

Here are your freaks Yanzee, check out this kid go

That kid is an freaky MTF. I don't know if I should be excited, disgusted or grab a mob with torches and go after the 'monster' LOL

you wanted to see a freak lol.

inhuman achievement this guy is crazy.

Dude, that...thing gives me nightmares. Better off with Clive Winston. And WTF happened to Judy Nails, you jack asses? She was my favorite character! In her place we have a whore that looks like her, yet does not! You can't play classic rock with that...weirdo. I just want to say, the only reason I am begging my dad to get me GH3 is the Halo song you can download.

This may sound really stupid but is there anyway I can get this on my ipod without recording it through my speakers?

I really love it and would like to listen to it on a bus for example :P

please help!

you rule dude

"as finguring another mans balls..... i mean the last one..... im not gay!"


I agree with most of the critique, except for his whole issue with the "legends of rock" boiling down to merely a "legend" of rock. Maybe I just missed the meaning behind that, but kiss does not strike me as the only legend featured on that list. Oh sure, they could have included more legends for a game with that promise in the title, but to overlook bands like Scorpions, Aerosmith, Guns 'n Roses, Rolling Stones, and Black Sabbath is to make yourself blind to the good aspects of the game in lieu of the bad.

I love gutar hero but i dont undersand why every 1 is so obssed with it. Plus gutar hero 3 on hard is fucking impossibole

GH3 isn't that difficult. I don't own a game in the series, and yet I 5 starred every song in the career mode on Expert. I like how the game progresses in a skill curve; if you can't beat a song, which happens a lot, then obviously you're not ready for the songs after it. With the exception of Lou on Expert, which was a *****. In fact, the only song on it I can't beat is The Devil Went Down to Georgia on Expert, which is sort of like the solo in Through the Fire and the Flames, just twice as difficult and twelve times longer.

I didnt really expect you to review GH 3, mostly because most games you review are rather bad or get tedious right when the game actually picks up instead of just forcing 20 minutes of dialogue and text on you until your choking on it. The thing is, you are the most reasonable critics I've ever read/watched a review from. When you talked about the dificulty of the last venue on hard, I was reminded of the countless fails I had on the last venue and nearly threw my PS2 out the window. That isn't nescassarily a bad thing, considering how after trying Raining Blood over 20 times my fingers started to blister and my PS2 overheated and died. Winston was the best character besides the Grim Reaper. After I discovered he wasn't neatly tucked away as a hidden unlockable character like Ness and all those other characters we were happy to get rid of in SSMB. Unknown to most there was a protest group in my neighborhood of about 3 people requesting that the country rocker be made as a character to be downloaded on the 360. Now I'm gonna stop myself before I get into an imbossibly to stop rant on the tiny screw ups about GH III and just say that you are an excellent critic and if anyone says otherwise they can choke on their own spit.

yahtzee i finally understand what you meant by wankers cramp
its painful XD it hurts my wrist to even move my arm, but goddam GH is fun :P (on easy and medium mode) hehe

pete townshend cameo ftw!!

GUtair hero has always been hard for me, even when I moved up to hard difficulty, but all the challenge was thrown out the window when I realized you could 3-star Through The Fire And Flames on expert simply by randomly mashing buttons.

lol yeah the last venue is really hard, i beat it on hard by luck i just saved starpower for the solos and smashed buttons, but i am on expert now and i am currently working on rock band, green grass and high tides is impossible, but i got to 96% then failed......i know ill beat it some day but i dont think real guitar players actually press a million buttons over and over again

unlike any other ones i like this one the most not because its funny not because people enjoy guitar hero but simply because it makes SENCE.

I'm not proud to say that i played every single one of the guitar hero games so far even rock the 80's, but i found them to be really fun in general. The problems i saw with the series were that every time the added a higher number to the guitar hero name they made it easier by however high the number may say and times it by 10. They overdid the third in the series because when they were trying their best to make the game shiny for the people with the newer consoles they forgot that wasn't what they game was supposed to be about. They could have cool backgrounds all they want, but if they really want to piss people off with such annoyance then why not just poke them on the shoulder until they're on the brink of maiming you and then going after the next person. I found that making hammer-ons and pull-offs easier doesn't give them the right to make a billion extra unnecessary notes to show that they're easier.

hey yahtzee, i found you your fucking freak:

You've seriously got something rolling around in your head if you think that slash is actually a rock legend.

If you can count bashing your fingers on some guitar strings musical genius, then i guess i can be inducted into the hockey hall of fame for throwing a puck at a net and getting it in.

I still love this game, I haven't made the move to any of the later titles yet. A great review.

I hated the last group of songs, it turned the fun Guitar Hero brought into frustration.

At least the 360 instruments are bigger than the PS2 ones.

CLLLLIIIIIIVVVEEEE seriously, he was the only semi-normal one...

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