Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero III

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I love Clive too and [sarcasm] I LOVE the fact that they took away the only character related to classic rock from the only game in the series that actually deals with it [/sarcasm]

tonguing another mans balls.............I'm not gay-Yathzee

Im not gay! lol

I was really hoping this Genera of games would like lose its momentum and fall flat on its face.
Its DDR for drop outs....and I'm pretty sure DDR is fro drop outs to start off >.>
So, now we have Guitar hero, Rock band, and now....DJ Hero X_x

What's next Banjo Hero? Kazoo Hero? Heck...I'm surprised Harmonix and Nintendo havent joined forces and released a Ocarina controller and made "Ocarina hero" V___V"

Your totally no gay man.

We all know that........................... *whispers* Ill see you tonight.

We believe you Yahtzee... we believe you man. Just stop being so awkward about it =P



Tom Morello is more of a legend of rock than anyone posting on this thread will ever be... especially Yahtzee!

He just said Slash was more of a legend of rock than Tom Morello, which is the case, since Slash was with Guns n' Roses.

Nope... he said if "Tom Morello was a Legend of Rock then a Grilled Cheese Sandwich was Haut Cuisine". Everyone I've ever met, or am ever likely to meet, has at least some experience of Rage Against the Machine if only for 'Guerilla Radio' found on the Soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and I think many of us can agree that it was the best song present there. In my opinion his 'Jam' song was the wrong option... 'Know Your Enemy' is a far more interesting experience than 'Bulls on Parade' for the guitarist.

Concerning T.H.P.S. 2 , I think I liked PAPA ROACH - Blood brothers better. But, nonetheless, both of them songs were the top 2 that I liked from the soundtrack. And let's not forget THe MATRIX's wake up ,also from R.A.T.M.

I've never really got into GH, but then, I suck at rhythm games, so thats no surprise.

come on yahtzee... Guitar Hero is quite easy, it just needs practice, memorisation and timing. I once 5 stared a song on expert.

I couldn't get past the 3 last expert songs, either.
It is literally like a fucking brick wall!

I still can not, for the life of me, pass Raining Blood on hard. I even fluked and passed One, but not Raining Blood. Only song left in entire hard campaign. Oh, and the Lou battle. Damn you Slayer and Kerry Kates!
Holy cow, expert 100% Raining Blood.

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