Shoot Club: All Our Pretty Songs, Part Three

Shoot Club: All Our Pretty Songs, Part Three

down talking quietly to each other. The place seems otherwise empty. So much space, so much stuff, and just us six people. It's what the end of the world would look like. Except maybe with zombies.

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For a minute there, I thought Trevor was going to be waiting in the parking lot until you finished your Crysis review.

Just a quick comment on links:

Could you link to the previous and next 'episode' its kinda annoying to have to hammer back to get to your 'posts' section and then wait for the page to load when a simple link at the end of Part 2 linking to Part 3 would remove all that.

I know the feeling about it being 3am and not having got any work done though. :)

Damn, that is depressing, all the more so becuase I know exactly what that feels like.

Well, maybe not exactly, but I do know what it feels like to be wasting time on what should be a quick and easy task, but one thing after another pops up to make it take 3 times longer than it should and suddenly you realize that your work that you should have been doing before anything else is now behind schedule, which just makes things worse as you try to rush it and hope you don't miss something important...

Now I'm tired for no reason, too.

Sounds like a long, long night for very little payoff.

Who hasn't been there?


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