Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy

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I enjoy these videos, and I think they're funny, but this dude' extreme hate of Mario and the Wii in general is really annoying and unfounded. If you don't like Mario, then don't play the games, but if after 20+ years Nintendo is still able to make solid games based off its classic franchises, and there are millions of people worldwide who would love to keep playing them, why should they stop? It would be great if Nintendo introduced more franchises, but why kill off Mario for the sake of killing off Mario?

I think he would have liked the game better in the (spoiler) Luigi form (won with 100% completion.) Its harder and takes more skill.

Hey! I got to the "real end" and I'm not Korean!

XD They go go-karting, golfing or playing tennis with eachother.

So true :P

Loved this one.

I got the real end of the game and I'm not a Korean X_x
Then again, I'm a Mario fanboy that will play almost all of his games unless it has the word "Hotel" or "Missing" in it.

That song is totally ruined for me now after Bayonetta.

3D Mario plus spinning by shaking = boring 3D Mario game
3D Mario plus spinning by shaking which leads to flying through space faster than Sonic ever has been while listening to the kind of orchestra that would be praised worldwide = Mario Galaxy

I just watched this because yahtzee told me to in his latest review. lol

I miss the music in these old videos. There were always both good songs and clever puns.

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