A Day in the Life of a WoW Addict

A Day in the Life of a WoW Addict

You see, six years ago I met this guy. He was a “gamer geek,” and he ended up bringing out the best in me. He helped free my repressed desires as a gamer girl. Since then we've been questing, killing, grinding, puzzle solving, pointing and clicking, and fighting side-by-side.


This sounds so familiar, I had to double check the byline.

Okay, I didn't have to introduce my significant other to gaming, she was already into it when we got together, but it's the same thing. In the time it takes me to finish off the second mission in Thief, she will have run through, blackjacked every guard she can find, made off with the loot from all the levels, and be looking for a flak cannon in UT3.

Sometimes I wonder if the gender gap in gaming is there because guys don't like to get beat, and women are merciful.

Incidentally, it's very cool to hear of another gaming relationship that works. And yeah, other opportunities are probably being missed, but that's life. We can't do everything. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, "did I enjoy my leisure today?" If you did, then there shouldn't be any regrets.

Heh, my boyfriend and I also play WoW together, although we don't play it that much as your total indicates. That is mainly because we're away so long from home for work ;)

WoW thats alot of hours.

A few things sound very familiar.

Got about 100 days on one character after one year playing (yes i know, only 365 days in one year). I had many many moments i still can remember clearly. And which are good memories. Especially the feeling for a first raid boss kill after lots of testing, changing tactics (Razorgore!).

First time my account stopped cause i quit paying, was pretty weird. But when i finally started playing and enjoying other games (after a week or two), i remembered again why i truly enjoy gaming.

All those different games, with different gameplay, stories, graphics,...
Those are the things that make me love gaming. But i'll never forget how many great moments i had with WoW.

I came back a few times for a few weeks, but i couldn't enjoy the gameplay anymore for more than a week or two. Especially with all those great (or atleast fun/good) games waiting for me.

Anyway, good you still enjoy WoW. But maybe if you would give some other games a chance, you could feel the fun again enjoying all kinds of gameplay.

It could be a relief....after a some time.

I used to play Final Fantasy Online all day every day for 9 months. Then it effected my college coursework so I ditched the game.

Giving it up is like giving up smoking though.

Every so often I still think about it. I'm really gutted I never got my White Mage to level 75 to prove my snobbish, geeky, fanboy-ism, or whatever you call it. But having seen what's happened to a close friend, who no longer socialises with myself or anyone else because of WoW, I know I've done the right thing.

I still don't get it. Back when I heard a talk in London about game design somebody asked what it is about WoW. And I thought the question was stupid, but actually I don't understand. I've never had any reason to pick up the game. I once asked my brother who played for about a year if there where political experiments and the like in WoW, but he could not say... not that I am too interested. But I really like the carefully crafted titles more... Zelda being my favorite. You learn something etc. etc. and after a few days or weeks its over, but its meaningful, very meaningful.

I've never seen that in MMORPGs. I tried Oblivion over the holidays, but still, after 3 hours I got so bored. I really can't say. ;)

Please explain. :)

I thought about getting in for a while, but having seen many people dedicate their lives to WOW... no thanks. I have way too many other games to play and a life to live. The thing that's still pulling me towards it is the visual design. It's just so pretty.

I'm still waiting for the MMO that doesn't require all of my time. If I only have single night in a week to play, I want to be able to do something significant with that, not grind some meaningless, re-spawning monsters. Yes, I totally see that this may never happen, but then maybe the MMO world just isn't for me.

Great column :D

I've found a way to play wow without requirements of grinding and farming.. Private servers.
It's free, you can choose to play on a pre-tbc, 2x xp-rate, or maybe 10x, 20x, 40x, or even instant 70 with all gear free (what I'm on).
I know what you're thinking, "what's the point if you can have everything for free?!", well, it's very very very very simple, P V P. Unlike retail, everyone fights with the same conditions, noone wins cause he has better gear or whatnot, I love it :)

A few downsides though, beware, there are bugs.. :)

Anywho, for you who don't have time to play retail, go private, I haven't regretted it yet :) (although, some bugs makes me look at the retail-way for a few moments, but that's life :) )

If you're having fun, you're not addicted. Sometimes I worry that I am, ask myself if I enjoy it, discover I still do and don't worry again.

WoW is fun for me and I hope it stays that way like it seems to for you :)

Sounds like my wife and me. She used to consider my PC to be the "other woman". Id spend hours in PSO and other RPG's but she has grown out of that and now plays with me. We played FFXI for over 3 years together. I myself had over 380 DAYS!! or more worth of playing time (no joke), I was addicted. Last I looked she had around 100days. Since then we have moved on to different games but always take intertest in each others gamming. Right now she is playing GH 3 as we speak (need to kick her off so I can play a song or 2 :D). She is more of a slow gammer, but ya just cant deny her skills in Soul Calibur. Its always great to she how relationships are holding togeather because of technology.



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