Zero Punctuation: Sim City Societies

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Still, it was nice that HWG nailed that darstadly Spy.

Wow, I feel thick. After I watched the video, I was thinking "Where the hell did the knife come from...?"

First off, enjoyable review as ever, much amusement was had by all it seems, and you summed it up exceptionally well. If i cant see my lowly minions suffering or being happy and either laughing maniacally or smiling as they celebrate the first annual "we love our omnipotent benefactor day", it sucks out a lot of the joy. What annoys me is that we are at the point where its possible to have hundreds of things on screen at once moving around, example: Dead Rising, yet this game wont let me zoom in to at least make out what gaudy haircuts they are wearing

Why the arbitrary stab at a fandom?

And from this we learn that Nazi jokes are funny and the spy hates sappy romances. And that jokes about manga fans are funny even if you are a manga fan, especially when they have a grain of truth.

Great stuff. Thanks.

Very nice review....

oh and yathzee......WTF are you thinking by making that TF2 thing? I am scarred for life now. Thanks a lot. LOL!!!!!!

I was going to post some stuff but somewhere between strongly wanting to respond and actually finalising registration I realised this isn't really a great place to argue about fandom stereotyping.

Also, the TF2 short seemed to just kind of drag on for a while.

Well, the part at the end was amusing at least!

Brilliant! I laughed out loud during most of this, and then at the end I completely cracked up. Thanks mate!

Yeah... I wasn't sure whether to laugh at that last part with TF:2 or just kinda sit there with my eye twitching. So I opted for the latter.

I did always feel sorry for the Heavy. Now I know why he looked so sad...

Nice work there Yahtzee. I've never really been much of a SimCity fan myself. In fact, most of the time I build a nice city, then get fired for driving the city into rather large amounts of debt.

SimCity has always been the same really

No real objective, just build the best city you can. If you played the original Yahtzee you should know this

The TF2 thing was funny and yet saddening. More so for both as it's Valentine's Day. :) :(

Loved the Mario-cloud riding imp though.

I don't know about you, but watching Top Gear does give me a sense of animalistic lust... Esp. watching the 'fast' GTI get smoked by the Lamborghini.

Thanks for the review as usual.
This one did feel somewhat short like some other people already mentioned.
Does anyone else notice the little references to Eddie Izzard shows throughout (cheating at scrabble) his reviews or is it just my overactive imagination? The TF2 video made me laugh out loud.

I had my own hopes on what game we'd see reviewed this week and this game wasn't even somethign I was aware of, let alone praying for.

We're really doing a disservice not only to Yahtzee but ourselves by sending in requests. The man works better on his own and this is excellent proof of it.

Snif, Snif :(
Poor Heavy/Medic that part makes me so sad after seeing it for the... ohh 9th time an hour.
Great review as always.
Every wednesday im really excited to see the next episode of zero punctuation...

Poor Heavy/Medic :(

I thought Yahtzee would make a refference of Saint Valentine's day at the beginning of the review, but I didn't spected that last bit with the gay love between a Heavy and a Medic from Team Fortress 2 (Yes, I know the "Medic and Heavy are a great combination" thing).

Good review as always, but the last short didn't entertained me much.

Zvarri, another Wednesday of lulz.

Thank you, Yahtzee.

xD That was a pretty good review... and, had I not already been off sim city games, would have put me off for good.

This makes me want to do machinima, and I will!! Funny review by the way, what with Hitler and all that and evil god.

Is this Medic in love with the heavy an "old" TF2 joke that I'm missing on or something?
I've seen a lot of mechima and flash movies revolving around this story.

Great review.


Nice review too haha stupid god games

Well, heavy does say "I love this doctor"

I think many of the people on this thread don't actually recognize the difference between "Societies" and the rest of the Sim City Franchise, Societies was developed in-house by had limited Maxis involvement and has a completely new style of game play.

IT DOES NOT have the same sprawling city building scenario like SC4..instead you focus on a small community, thus should not be considered canon and representative of the rest of the series.

Perhaps this was Yathzee's issue for not pointing out the design differences.

Societies itself is a terrible game and another casualty of EA's policy for buying out labels and quickly urinating over their acquisition before selling it on again, it is NOT a true "god game".

Does that end part mean that you have Garry's Mod!

If so that's awesome. one of the best mod's ever created from my point of view!

The review was, as always, classic ZP. Nazi comparisons, manga fanboys, driving statements of blindingly obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious imagery. Fantastic.

The short at the end however might've been more funny had I not seen this first (and last week). Still good to see more 'shorts' though.

Took me a few listens to recognize the music during the TF2 bit...

"Love lift us up where we beloooong...."

Yahtzee fantastically communicated the result of making a Will Wright game without Will Wright, how it's all well and good but rather repetitive, too thin, and without much emotional attachment to the "sims." The rather dull malaise over the whole review matches this concept well.

I would have put the TF2 part first though, would've made the review seem faster and more upbeat by comparison.

Very nice job Yahtzee on another excellent review. A excellent little tf2 treat at the end. the only thing i found slightly disappointing is the pace at which you spoke in the review. Now i can sympathize that based on the game you were reviewing their might not be a whole lot to say about it, but seriously, your reviews speaking pace was at around 65% of what it usually was. I would much rather you review the game in 1.5 minutes at your usual witty pace then drag it out for longer than necessary. I mean, if you can complete the review in a minute, then do so and be done with it, maybe add a 2nd review (of solitaire for all i care) Or maybe take a break from the very stressful job of reviewing games. (note: that last sentance was not supposed to contain any amount of sarcasm, but might have come off with some.)

Nice review. Never was much for god games. Hopefully Spore will change that.

Good on you for the 1984 referrances, by the way.

^^i love the little comments at the end.
"dont ask me anything this week,because i probably hate you" lol

^cant wait for spoooooore,hopefully better than this!

The TF2 short is for valentines day. Didn't anyone else know that?

The only "Sim-" game that matters is SimAnt anyway. If any former Maxis people are listening, we could really use another.

I was going to post some stuff but somewhere between strongly wanting to respond and actually finalising registration I realised this isn't really a great place to argue about fandom stereotyping.

Anyone who's seen the likes of 4chan would think the same.

I watch and read all sorts of cartoons and comics with impunity but Christ, there are some real creeps making the rounds these days.

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