Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee Goes to GDC

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Agreed about Duke Nukem Forever, it better be worth the decade long wait, or even longer.

Well to bad! 3DRealms won't be making Duke Nukem: Forever, it will (hopefully) be someone else that knows how to make decent games in under 15 years

I've been hearing this duke nukem joke a lot lately, that the developers have been giving eachother piggy back rides... Where the fuck did this originate from

hey jack from bioshock has a name and voice!!!

You dont have to censore arse, because its not a word i guess

whats with all the bleeps?!

why is thisa featured thread

I think Millwall at least deserve a draw with Half Life 2 Episode.

He is not faceless and he is not nameless his name is Jack and there is a picture of him within the game

Yahtzee is right if duke Nukeum doesn't rip the Space-Awesome continuum in half with a flaming chainsaw... THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE IN A FIREY FURY OF MOLOTOVS, NERDS, AND ANGER

Weird little fact : The guy from Bioshock did have a name. A very obscure name showing only once in the game. I dont see why they even named him Jack if it was never said, and only seen once.

I thought this was pretty funny. Plus, it makes me think of the Duke Nukem Forever review.

Well after playing DNF and watching his real review of it, I can say that he was totally, totally right, except that DNF wasn't even good enough to get a passing grade as a game by modern standards, nostalgia goggles aside.

Whelp, I guess it's time to break out the chainsaw, then

Well, I think Yahtzee is a psychic now.

He said that, if DNF isn't the pinnacle of human achievement, he and every reviewer on Earth would saw its balls off. Fast forward to today, where it isn't. DNF is now a castrated bitch that everyone despises.

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