GDC 2008: Brain Wiped in Soho

GDC 2008: Brain Wiped in Soho

You probably haven't heard of these fellows, and you've surely never heard of their games. But they don't care. They aren't doing it for you. Occasionally one of them will break out and sell out and make it big, but for the most part these people are artists. They make games that push boundaries and uphold themes and all of that kind of crap that makes you want to tell them to get a life - and a job.


An interesting list of games. I'm glad that you wrote this. I'm looking forward to eventually playing Braid.


Russ, I'm disappointed to hear that you and, by proxy, the Escapist were out pseudo-intellectualized by the artistes. The Escapist's standards are slipping. Next time someone attempts to out pseudo-intellectualize you, I expect you to pseudo-intellectualize them right back!



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