What's Actually Good (In Comics) #5

What's Actually Good (In Comics) #5

Welcome to What's Actually Good (In Comics), the column that looks at two books that are, well, actually good, as well as a bit of choice news and thuggery. In this issue I discuss Jonathan Hickman's Pax Romana and take a look at Mark Bagley's upcoming work for DC with writer extraordinaire Kurt Busiek on Trinity. All this and more for your unexclusive enjoyment. Holy torpedo!


This one had a different feel than the others you have written, but still good, just different. Can't wait for 6!

Check out the next issue when I start throwing big words around to describe my two favorite writers in the business.

You can keep the big words, I'm a very simple person :)

I really enjoyed this article. I had fallen off of the Comic book band wagon for a while and was sticking to sinestro corps. I was looking for something I could sink my teeth into again. Your recommendations and the things you were looking forward to really surprised me! Thank you.


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