Smile and Nod: Looking for Touch in All the Wrong Places

Smile and Nod: Looking for Touch in All the Wrong Places

I don't take public transportation, so I don't have much occasion to play games away from my more comfortable gaming setup. And I don't believe in playing games on the toilet. I know some of you do; don't pretend. I've heard the clicks and bleeps in the stall next to me. But I don't do it. The idea of holding the thing in my hands again afterwards ... no thank you. So I don't do handheld gaming.

Except now I apparently do.


Excellent article as always. I too have never been one for hand held gaming, but I must admit that there are a few titles that are really starting to appeal. God of War and Patapon to name the ones that are really tempting me.

I've had a DS for quite a while now, and since I'm a broke college sudent using the bus as my main means of travel, I've considered it my life blood for gaming whenever I'm not at my house, and sometimes even when I am.

Bit disappointed that it's starting to slow on the "next big name game" front, with all of three games coming in the next year that have me somewhat interested, but still, I have about 15 already, that's pretty good for a handheld I only ever play for about 30 minutes a day.


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