139: Interview: Cryptic Allusion on Keeping the Dream(cast) Alive

Interview: Cryptic Allusion on Keeping the Dream(cast) Alive

"'Sega's focus on the hardcore player made them a failure in the general marketplace ... so most people see the console as a complete flop. I suppose that means it depends on how you view the console's place in the genealogy of gaming to determine its position in the grand scheme of multimedia. I won't go into this any further; I feel like I'll be talking politics, attempting to defend something that doesn't really need to be defended. The Dreamcast can just 'be' for now, and I'll be OK with it.'"

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I remember the Dreamcast as being a great piece of machinery. I had many hours of fun on that machine.

I wish the Dream Cast would have Taken off the way it should have!

I remember every game ever made for it. I remember beating jet set radio, and crying. Because the glory over took me and shook the very essence of my soul.

Jet Set Radio was absolutely epic, as was the soul calibers that were on all of them, as well as Power stone, i have some awful memories of resident evil:code veronica, but that doesnt count, sonic adventure 1 is excellent, but since i have since lost the cables for the dreamcast i still have in a box in my attic, i have since bought sonic adventure 1 on PC, which is OK, but i prefer the dreamcast version, overall, dreamcast, was excellent, but was overwhelmed by the number of PS2 games, instead of the quality.

I miss my Dreamcast. I wish Sega would make a Dreamcast 2.

Of course I doubt that will ever happen unless one of the current console companies gives up. Four consoles on the market all at once would be a little much.

sega is only good at builing consols, not games!!!

the dreamcast should have been a huge sucess but sega lost its reputation befor the dreamcast was released that no one wanted to buy it. if only sega would have built better consols before, the dreamcast should have been one of the greatest consoles of all time, and nintendo should be like sega.

maybe if the dreamcast would have succeded, there would be 4 next gen consols instead of 3.

sega would actually be a good game developer and consol developer...



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