Zero Punctuation: Devil May Cry 4

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I love DMC4 but this is still so funny!

Totally agree with this review, though I've not played all of DMC4 yet I have seen enough cutscenes to be able to make my judgement on Nero. I was really not impressed by the fact that they basically made him a younger emoified version of Dante. I expected some originality from these games if no others. Also it seems whether by fanboy intervention I have no idea that they seem to be taking the DMC3 route, yes I did not like DMC3 that much either, and like it said replaying all the levels again in reverse order. I will admit I did buy DMC4 simply to add to my collection of current DMCs (that and for the art book, which may seem a bit fangirlish but I'm an art student so you'll have to condemn me for that). After watching cutscenes and seeing friends play it my enthusiasm for the game has gone down somewhat in the storyline but again as said the combat has caught my attention so I'm not totally giving up on it.

Okay so I ended up making my own review on this but as Yahtzee has pretty much stated all the quibbles I had about the game (and in case your wondering no I did not just watch the video and agree with all his points to make myself look good. Though I enjoy playing games myself am I not allowed to be a critic too?) I shake his hand for his excellent reviews and hope he keeps it up

I'll be sure to test putting a wasp and a spider in a fight. I've already got some Slipknot and Gummi Bears.

does Yahtzee know that the original devil may cry was a rejected resident evil 4

It could be said that no movie or video game franchise can survive beyond a 3rd sequel. After the 3rd one it's starts to get monotonous. Possible exceptions being the Rocky series (IDK, I've only ever seen Rocky IV), Star Trek, Star Wars (maybe, opinions on the prequels vairy).

I hate that dumb board game and recycled level design

Nero has a lot things time common with Dante but his devil arm is cool but most of the pwer ups for it was uselss

Credo was a good character

the game envoced some of your cardnal sins of gaming

Thou shall not infinitlay re-spawn baddies

and thats all i can think of

I have to admit that most of the review was very accurate. I didn't play the entire game myself but instead watched my friend play through the entire thing. The game play was alright except for most of what was already pointed out. The fixed cameras and time stop puzzles were so agonizingly painful along with the dice game which made me want to stab it with the over-sized sword repeatedly but alas that would only roll the dice more. I must admit I had hoped for a little more originality coming from CAPCOM on the creation of Nero that instead of taking the shell of Dante from DMC 3 and adding more flips to his hair and adding a little devil arm while changing his main color from red to blue with red accents was not their best idea and could have easily made a better character with maybe a little less emo pussiness so that he actually had some balls besides just when he would have a bi-polar moment and begin to kick ass before once again devolving into the whipped little boy. But the one thing I most definitely have to argue is the point about the girls liking it who smell like rotting meat. I have liked the DMC series for a long while (preferring to read the books more so than play the games but I have still played the games and DMC 2 was an absolute abomination to the game series v_v) I most certainly do not smell like rotting meat, Cherry blossoms or Love spell. Although the stereo-type works for some it definitely doesn't label all of us gamer girls :p

One thing I do have to admit I did not like was the going backwards once reaching the midway point of the game in order to play as Dante and act as a clean up crew behind Nero. The interactions with Dante and the bosses although in most cases I found them funny. (Although most crudeness and perverted behavior warrants a smack to anyone within arms reach of me I found that the subtly sexual comments and sometimes blatantly obvious ones would make me laugh.) If nothing else I give the game a good rating as far as the fighting style goes and for humor but for game play and creativity they need a LOT of work before they can get a good rating on that.

Well he was completely wrong about the dice game being random. It stops at the exact number you hit it on.

I have to agree with you on the His Dark Materials thing, I LOVED the others, but I physically couldn't read The Amber Spyglass. For some reason, whenever i tried, I'd have a ADHD moment of "OOH! WAZZAT!?!?! and run off to do something else. I'm pretty sure if I ever went and got the audiobook I probably like it, or at least get some closure on the series, but it has the major flaw of not being able to pull me in.

DMC3 was better. Seek it out if you have the time.

I never understood the fascination with DM games. For some reason, they never tickled my gamer sweet spot. I could say 3 was okay, but I was never overly into it. This, however, really was awful. Some parts I could give fair excuses to. Cutscenes, fine, I play a lot of games with long cutscenes. Jumping puzzles. Well, I've always been poor at those, so it's probably just be. But the board game? No, I drew the line there. It's not difficult it's just boring and as you said, a pointless delay. That killed any sense of flow for me.

Just found this video on youtube and it totally reminded me of this review.

The wasp is even red!

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