140: Enhancing Humanity

Enhancing Humanity

"Recently the Intelligent Community Forum rated Waterloo the 'top intelligent community of 2007.' It possesses an unusually high per-capita population of PhDs and a university known as 'the MIT of Canada' - the University of Waterloo - which in turn possesses the highest-ranked department of Leisure Studies in North America.

"And Waterloo's game museum, the Elliot Avedon Museum and Archive of Games, is the only museum in the world that focuses purely on games."

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Three cheers for Waterloo! :)
Water water water...

Jason Attard
BMath, Computer Science, UWaterloo 2002

Excellent article. The Escapist continues to be miles intellectually ahead of any other gaming site.

Another article stirring a will in me to study games.

Good article.
Very nice the ICF's ass-n-banner is.


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