Zero Punctuation: Turok

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The little brat actually shut her Sepiroth kissing mouth up!

Nice try, but there is no such thing as Girl Gamers.

How quaint....

Anyone get the PC version of Turok?

Turok is ok game i don't recomend buying it i played the pc version and it is standard stuff if you dinosaur fan you can rent or download it but for the rest it not worth the purchase

Turok is ok game i don't recomend buying it i played the pc version and it is standard stuff if you dinosaur fan you can rent or download it but for the rest it not worth the purchase

I am a fan of FPSs and turok, however to me DOOM 3,Quake 4 and Bioshock are mediocre titles.

So turok is pretty much a normal casaul gun and run? ew....*marks his list off* 20$ or less....NEXT!.....

I love this review, and more to the point I agree that 1st person shooters have become completely crap in the last decade.
It seems ever since Half-life came out (which was cool in its original way), no one has been willing to make a good 'standard' 1st person shooter like Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and Wolfenstein 3D. They had good start-finish maps, with lots of things to shoot in between, with the added bonus you could pause, walk away and not miss plot points. These days we get 5 minutes of gun blazing glory for 2 hours of strafing down corridors - Doom 3, Half-life 2, and Halo(pick-one, I don't care) are all like that. Now it seems that if you want to play a mindless shooter game after a crippling day of whatever it has to be a rail shooter like Time Crisis 4.
I most of my favourite games growing up were 1st person shooters and I miss finding good ones. Anyone else remember Heretic, or Shadow Warrior? Good games, with a side of humour and originality to spare.
Great review, can't wait for next weeks.

Agreed on the targeting system. I played Turok for 10 minutes, after running about the jungle for 5 minutes i finally saw someone get dragged off by a dinosaur, I shot like a storm trooper and ended up having to knife anything that moved after running out of bullets.

this vid is truly awsome and you better read what is staying down at the voice actor page yahtsee whas looking for cus it stood Cristopher Judge (Teal'c from Stargate SG1) :D however i think you should have both health meters and regeneration but only should regenerate when lightly hurt and when you are badly hurt then pick up a medkit :P.

Space Marines stabbing tyranids on the planet blorck

Turok was without a doubt the worst game i've ever played, there was no auto aim to help with the enemies that run around like chickens with their heads cut off, i.e. the crocodile like dinos, the human enemies could spot you 300yds away while you were hiding in a fucking bush, and the boss fights were incredibly difficult like the T-Rex fight at the very end. Also Yahtzee makes a good point about the grenades, unless you toss it directly under a bad guy it does shit except piss them off.

Gotta love the introduction music, classic Jurassic park, always a winner.

I could hear music playing near the end of the review.

This review and especially the last part should be shown to every single fucking developer. "Let's be like Halo" should be the motto for every fps (and actually every game) these days.

Oddly, Halo did feature a health bar.
Unfortunately only the first Halo game has a helth bar while the others disgrace the memory with only a shield bar which drains rapidly.
1. Does not apply to Halo
2. Only 1st Halo had one (also was the best instalment)[H2 and H3 don't]
3. Does not apply
4. Don't know never seen alien
5. Halo only does that twice
6. Not qualified to answer

Inconclusion and in defence of the ONLY good halo game most of the formentioned problems don't apply. All the other halo's beside the 1st can go to HELL.

I think the reason that health bars were abandoned was more of an immersion issue than a function issue. When you are constantly monitoring a red bar and chowing down on enough medical supplies to start your own private hospital, it becomes a little hard to take the game seriously. However, waiting behind a rock for the strawberry jam to clear off your screen is not a step in the right direction. Furthermore, the only reason why the whole regenerating, red blinking screen health system got so popular is because Call Of Duty 2 did it first and since that day it has become the default health mechanic for every shooter and it's mum. A new system is definitely needed. One that has the realism of using medical supplies to heal yourself, and not the power of your very mind, and the immersion of a refreshing face full of delicious strawberry jam. There is my spiel on health systems. Take it with a grain of salt.

I can acknowledge some of the problems of the modern FPS. I think lacking a health bar can be debatable, depending on your player type. I prefer having them, so I can top up health before I get too bad. I know red glowing screens or the other methods aren't bad but I just prefer the health meter. My other major gripe really just applies to most games. Get some decent voice actors, please. Either have them be amazing or keep them mute. If they sound like broken glass, I'm going to get swiftly annoyed.

I remember the Turok for the N64. I thought that was fun to kill dinosaurs as a time-travelling Indian with an overpowered bow.

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