How I Spent My Winter Vacation, A 90-Day Retrospective

How I Spent My Winter Vacation, A 90-Day Retrospective

Of all the things game journalism is, vacation-friendly it's not. Barring the special case and the odd mental health day, I typically manage the week between Christmas and New Year's. The majority of the industry goes dark then, so it makes sense for me to drop off the grid, too. And it's during that week that I get to be a gamer.



...meeting a host of great characters with better dialogue than the original Knights of the Old Republic along the way.

Dude, you just totally sold me on that game.

Well, It's true that playing with your mind on the graphics, plot and gameplay mechanics ca be a bit of drag and sometimes spending the better galf of a day hunting for news tidbits can also fell like work, but being a game journalist is one of the better things I've done with my life. even if it's in Romania and not in a game industry powerhouse.


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