142: Pulsing Vectors of the Universe

Pulsing Vectors of the Universe

"Here was someone who, in the course of 20 minutes, had shattered every assumption we made about a game that we had spent weeks practicing. We discovered the difficulty actually ceases to increase after around 4 million points; perhaps the developers never imagined anyone surpassing that mark. K4rn4ge had reached a level of mastery where the only thing preventing him from continuing on to infinity was his own crude biological needs for food and sleep."

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Fun read...I need to get this game for my DS. Sounds like a fun ride.

If you go on Youtube and watch some of those dudes that crack 100,000 regularly on Audiosurf it can be pretty enlightening. Just the obvious idea of coordinating the grey blocks to maximize combos never occurred to me until I saw someone doing it there.

r u kidding me? that's embarasssing to just play geometry wars... get a life... if your that good, then every1 knows somethings wrong because you'd rather play geometry wars than hang with friends (if he has any)

Sounds like somebody still can't crack 100,000 ;) (only kidding mate)

Geometry Wars sounds (and looks from the video) like great fun, and Mr. N4ge possesses some mad skills.


Sounds like somebody still can't crack 100,000 ;) (only kidding mate)

Geometry Wars sounds (and looks from the video) like great fun, and Mr. N4ge possesses some mad skills.


Naw, I can crack it on Pusher. But Ninja mode is something I've just lately started playing and my first instinct was to just avoid all gray blocks.

I have never played this game but I think I am going to download it now. Looks like a blast!

I played this game when it was grid wars on the computer (i'm fairly sure the computer version predates the X-Box download)

My high-score sat at around 5 million, and like stated in the article, it gets to the point where your only limit is the time you are willing to invest, my friend next door would check my high-score, and come back a few days later with a higher one.

I quit this competition when he spent an entire day clocking up around 8.9 million

eventually you leaned that pinks need to be harried (the split into smaller pinks when shot) greens charged (they move aside to dodge bullets, allowing you to pass through the swarm) and Black holes (we called them suns before we knew better, they were red! give us a break) were, as stated, threats that needed to die before you were gifted with a present of a billion little blue rings, and you would always, always..

.. be killed by some stupid tiny shape! that had been separated from its swarm...

good times, if you haven't played this game, get it, or download its computer cousin gridwars.

I liked faux-seriousness of the article. It reminded me of the overwrought narration of the videogame novel Lucky Wander Boy.

Geometric Wars was inspired by the robot fight scene in the last Matrix. God I love that game. I go into some kind of epalectic fit when I play it and can usually clock a 2 million score on an adverage play. I've pushed 5million once... I was a god for 4 minutes.


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