de-rez: Mortal Combat, Part One

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Im still on the fence about DE-Rez, but to give them credit I AM watching them.
Its kind of funny, but the low production value hurts the show a lot. This episode had great costumes however, so that really confuses me. It feels like the shooting and editing is really rushed and half-assed but the great costumes contradict that notion.

It could also be the compression that is affecting the picture quality and sound.

slightly disturbing but its not bad

Awww loved it slack!
lookin foreward to the next episode man!

Great stuff, perhaps my favourite thus far, simply for the Goro part.

Easily on par with the HL episode.

I love to hear a Northern Irish accent, reminds me of home

This fails, please stop

johnny was quality...'i shit my pants hear take my card'

scorpion got pwned.

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