143: The Saboteur's Approach

The Saboteur's Approach

"The doctor leaned back in his chair and set the notepad on his lap. He had no desk. He found them antagonizing. 'Chuck, the real reason you are sitting here isn't because of an infraction. It's because it occurred to me when I got this report that last month you spent more time in the Dream World than on your job. That means that you had barely enough time for sleep and meals, let alone any kind of human interaction.'"

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I proper liked this wee story. Props.

This was a lean, precisely told story in the best sense. Nice balance between action and insinuation. Good stuff.

After reading most of the others this one felt too short, I understand it but it just feels like there could be more, and could have used an epic feel to it.

That was really good. I don't think it was too short and for two pages it sure had a lot of character to it and brilliant build up.

"These are just the ones I had when I woke up, Charles."

That was a great line, and a great reveal. Very high quality.

Nicely done.

Nice piece of fiction.

I like


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