Mark DeAngelis on Gameplay HD, the High-Definiton Game Channel

Mark DeAngelis on Gameplay HD, the High-Definiton Game Channel

Nestled high on the Dish Network's channel list is Gameplay HD, a 1080p channel where videogames take priority over videogame reviewers, professional gamers get treated like NFL athletes and cut-scenes run like feature-length films. I initially found the network via ESPN, who aired a shortened version of The Madden Challenge, a 24-man Madden tournament with a $10,000 purse, on Superbowl Sunday. From there I got into contact with Mark DeAngelis, Gameplay HD's creator, to ask him about his philosophy of televising games. Here's what he had to say, as he shouted over the sound of fire trucks rolling out of New York's Station 1 (their offices are on the same block).


I sort of get the impression that this guy had drunk 20 cups of coffe before the interview. While profesional gaming does sort of turn me off the chanal does seem to have interesting shows. Now, how to get it in Sweden!

I like the ound of this. We have (well, had) an eSports-focused games channel in the UK recently, while it was hardly amazing, there was certainly a germ of an idea there. There's also a few good ideas in what's left of its programming for games TV as a whole.

While it's not in HD, I'd like to see a collaoration between it and GameplayHD. I think we could see some good things come of it.

um....GameplayHD-like all of the other channels that are broadcast by DishNetwork in HD (and Direct TV and cable, too)-is shown in 1080i (HD channels are either broadcast in 1080i or 720p.) not 1080p.

Just wanted to point that out.


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