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-my other big problem with the wii are the motion sensers in the controls. there is RARELY any actual USE for it in most games. and the games that do have use for it basicly just require random stick wagging. these wii controllers might actually be FUN to use if they integrated the movements with the games more.EXAMPLE- maybe have something like some sword fighting game, where rather then just -swing left or right- or -swing up or down-, acually have it so your sword moves the same as your wii controller moves.

One of the big problems with the Wii is that the motion sensors only measure acceleration. The motion sensors are not capable of detecting where your hand is in space. As such, I don't expect that the sensors inside the current wiimote will ever be capable of replicating accurate sword slashes or other motions in space. For slow motions, the wiimote mainly measures the direction that gravity is acting. For fast motions, the wiimote measures quick twitches without having accurate knowledge of the orientation of the wiimote. Both types of measurement interfere with each other. For example, twitches and wiggles interfere with the measurement of gravity.

(The pointing ability via the sensor bar is a different story.)

i guess you have a point there... there is only so far they can go with new game technology

Ooookay. Perspective from someone who's just done the opposite and bought a Wii (I'm already a 360 owner).

First of all, I like the idea of the Wii. I think most people do - it's the delivery on the idea that has often been disappointing. There have been lots of links drawn between the unique DS controls and the Wii controls but there's one important difference. In the case of the DS, the control system really -does- seem revolutionary. It's a great way to play handheld games and I can hardly think of DS game that didn't benefit from that control system. I find it difficult to play Advance Wars the old way, and Zelda felt so natural that I forgot how different the control system was.

On the other hand the Wii hasn't proved so far to be the amazing triumph of ease-of-use and gameplay over graphics that was promised. Instead the word 'gimmick' sometimes seems appropriate, while everyone (including me) that cried 'gimmick!' at the DS has long shut up, buried under a barrage of great games.

So if I think all this, why did I get one? Well, for a start, I like Nintendo games. Secondly, though there are a whole load of mediocre games and gimmicky party games for the system, occasionally something really special happens, and I don't want to miss out on that. But the main thing is that I realised, in the end, that the kind of games I play on Nintendo systems are completely different to other consoles. They scratch a seperate itch. I doubt I'll ever have as many Wii games if I have for my 360, but the ones I do have will be greatly treasured and will cater to that more innocent, whimsical 10 year old side of me that still has some sort of sense of wonder. I've lost count of the number of times so far that SMG has made me giggle with amusement or cry out in surprise.

So, it doesn't worry me that the Wii might not be switched on every day or even every week, because I know that every once in a while something will be released to make me do that again.

Frantic Edit: Crikey, didn't realise quite how old this post was. Idle surfing led to this hiccup, many apologies. What a way to start..

I'm beginning think that the Wii, while a welcome supplement to a PS3 or 360, is barely a games console in it's own right. I've loved the Wii games I've bought - particularly No More Heroes, as it happens, though I can certainly see the flaws that upset the original poster - but, in spite of how long I've owned the Wii, my pile of game cases is a more of a mole-hill than a mountain. The fact of the matter is that most of my purchases have been on Virtual Console; what was originally nothing more than a neat little bonus.

I've clocked in more hours playing 1080 Snowboarding with my flat-mates than I ever did with Twilight Princess (which I abandoned five to ten hours in, struck by a shocking lack of interest as to where the adventure was going) and the attractions of Link to the Past and Mario Bros 3 are not to be overlooked. Then you include surfing the net, browsing the headlines, and idly checking the weather in LA..

In the end, while the Wii might stay on for an awful long time, I'm simply not playing the games I bought it for. I'm not entirely sure what games I expected - there's probably a pinch of blind faith to blame there - but they haven't arrived yet. I'm still hopeful for their eventual release.

Still, up until Nintendo step away from their well-worn mascots and make good on this 'Brave New World' that was promised, I'm saving up for a 360.

But really, the Wii is amazingly fun if you have friends playing right next to you. That includes Mario Party, Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl. The fact that you aren't bringing your friends to your house doesn't make it a bad console.

This is what my friend explicitly bought his Wii for. He says that he won't get any single-player games, just multiplayer games.

But me, I'm a single-player gamer, so the Wii would be wasted on me. The only game I'd get would be Metroid. Which is why I'm happy with my Xbox 360.

'To each their own'...

The Wiis gimickyness is so evident now that I've gotten over that Wiisick disease that is spreading. Zelda was fun when I could swing my remote to stab bad guys, but now the constant wrist waggling has only given me wankers cramp.

So far my favorite Wii game has been SSBB and it just so happens to be the only Nintendo exclusive one that doesn't use the Wii's exotic features at all.
I hope Nintendo dose something amazing soon maybe a new IP? Never mind thats about as possible as (insert something witty

PS why is "Wii" not in the spell check?

My Wii gets more play time than my 360

I think there was one game to try on the Wii, Okami. Now, ok, I've heard that the Wii version lacks some stuff in the credits, but pff, doesn't really matter, does it?

Drawing the symbols in the sky with the wiimote must surely be better than trying to get a nice spiral on the screen by using a stick which doesn't allow sensitivity values between x+0.000001 and x+834476341034030e666.

There's stuff coming on Wiiware, which seems to have more to do with "real" games. Maybe give it a try, one more time.

I stood in line launch night with my brother to get some Wiis. We picked one up for someone else who couldn't stand out all night. I bought a GC solely for Zelda and beyond Zelda on the Wii there hasn't been anything I like. I really wanted to love Galaxy but I got tired real quick of the waggle to jump/attack. The option to map that to a button would have solved my problem. I'm trying brawl right now, I don't know how long this is going to last. I hate being told to hold the Wii Remote sideways, I have to dig out my wave birds.

That being said RE4 on the Wii is completely awesome.

Once again, most people here never mention some of the fantastic smaller titles for the Wii, like Zak & Wiki, Sam & Max Season 1, Bloob Blox, The Blob etc. And those are only retail titles, there's a lot of great stuff on WiiWare as well, like Mega Man 9, World of Goo, Toki Tori, Bit.Trip. Beat, Bomberman Blast and many more. And thanks to the Virtual Console, I'm finally able to play classics like Metal Slug, Gunstar Heroes, Super Metroid, Zelda: Majora's Mask and 19 other titles.

For fans of retro and indie games, the Wii is the ultimate console in my opinion.

The way I look at it, if you only own a WIi, you are perfectly happy, fun games, good Virtual Console, a fun experience. You get one other gaming machine and the Wii is no more. The only game that kept my attention and kept me off the 360 was Super Mario Galaxy. I bought a few more Wii games (Kart, Animal Crossing), but quickly went back to my various Xbox games (Oblivion, CoD 4).

I know that some gamers are extremely disappointed with the Wii but i believe the good times are just around the corner at E3. Most every Dev around the world has had a gander at the unique input of the Wii and I can't believe that there aren't some juicy titles waiting to be announced. If there aren't, then I suggest there is a serious problem with the Dev community and it's lack of ideas/funding.

On a personal level, I have been completely bowled over by the Wii and it's software lineup. Just a reminder to the naysayers, you can choose from Super Mario Galaxy(Best Game Ever!!) Zelda TP, RE4, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime 3, Wii Sports, GH3, Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes, PES 2008 and Super Paper Mario. These are just the games that I have bought.

Impressive lineup wouldn't you say!

I would say not, personally. Nintendo has been milking their mascot franchises for decades now and I couldn't care less about anything with Mario, Link, Samus, etc. at this point. Guitar Hero? My PS2 plays most of the Guitar Hero stuff still, so no need for a Wii version. There are a few unique and interesting titles on the Wii, but none of them capture my attention enough to really warrant a purchase.

Let me just add a p.s. to this: My wife and I do own a Wii, mostly because it was cheap and she wanted to play Zelda. We got Super Mario Bros. Wii for me, but after about 1 hour of playing I'm basically done with it. Of course we have Wii Sports and such too, but those don't really count since they come packaged with the system or a second Wiimote.

My remained lifeless and unused until several months ago. My wife and I got the newest Harvest Moon game and found a surprisingly large amount of hours to be gained from it.

The other 'game' that really kicked up our use of the Wii was its pairing with Netflix so we could watch streaming video on it.

That said, I don't regret my purchase. I'm more of a PC gamer anyway, and use that to play my more serious games.

I think I'm one of the few people who does not regret buying a wii in the slightest. I bought it 2 years ago, have played it pretty regularly since then, and generally had a lot of fun with it, in both multi and single player.

So no Wiimorse for me. I still play my N64 and PC more, but it's close to my heart.

I got my Wii just after release day. I got 360 and PS3 at least a year after their release dates. Only 1 still works. Yeah, I would like more "hardcore" titles, but I can't play any games on my PS3 (lazer stopped reading) or Xbox 360. (RR) Both failed less than one month after a warranty ran out. Wii may be light on titles, but it isn't an untested shoddy piece of junk.

I've had some fun with the Wii, n my sister enjoyed Zelda (first game she's finished before me ;) - I dunno what value you place on your time with a console to say whether it was worth the buy. It is a luxury, after all - 'worth' isn't really the right word, is it?

I use my PC almost exclusively, but I've got a couple of Gamecube games that I've spent some time on on the Wii. Not recently though, admittedly... unlikely I would have put much time into any console, really :/ The Wii's just there for Rock Band and Sports at socials.

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