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A few weeks ago, The Escapist took a field trip. Our permission slips had "NDA" and "Microsoft" printed on them, our sack lunches came from Chick-fil-a and our sweaters ... we left those at home. Where's Mom when you need her? Notepads, voice recorders and cameras in-hand, we packed into the van and headed out to Epic, the Cary, North Carolina, studio that brought you Gears of War and Cliff Bleszinski. We'd be looking at both.

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Woho! This promises to be an exiting issue.

But would it be to much to ask for a visit to Double Fine? Pleeeeease

I really, REALLY enjoyed this issue. I love inside looks into the game development teams, especially of a team like Epic. Congratulations on this one, guys, and hopefully you get to do stuff like this more often.

A field trip yey. Always liked Epic games this issue aught to be a gooden.


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