149: Into the Sinkhole

Into the Sinkhole

Sure, we watched a metric ton of cubed meat jostle rhythmically to the beat of a few shotgun blasts and gazed in awe at Cliff Bleszinski's pneumatic pelvic thrusts, but aside from the welcome addition of being able to lock chainsaws with your opponents in a kind of homoerotic lumberjack tango, new information about Gears 2 has been sparse. Nothing is accidental when multimillion dollar franchises are involved, however. When you're developing the biggest 360-exclusive title of the year, you don't ride the wave of hype - you create it.


I'm a little skeptical about the release of Gears of War 2, as I have never really trusted sequels to be good until I have a real chance to play them. Though this is not original to myself, I think one good way to guess what's going on on the inside of the industry is this:


I think this is a humurours suggestion as to what might be featured in the game.

I saw the new Gears footage and it was awesome, certainly more bad-ass than the original, which was very cool. How ever the real problem Gears had was that it was too short, so lets hope that this "mini crunch" doesn't mean we are in for more of the same (not enough).

This article confirms my greatest suspicion. That I was meant to be a professional "Guy you'd have a beer with". It won't be easy, the hard work and dedication it will take could be too much. But I have a dream and when you have that, nothing can stop you.

I just got around to reading this, and it's pretty cool. I hope Gears 2 will be good, but even if it isn't really, the tech they're putting into it is cool enough for me to buy it anyways.

GoW ain't l that just another over hyped shooter, it dose do some nice things with 3rd person mechanics but over all its average with no PC port support.

Lets hope GoW2 turns out better than halo ep 3......

Now I'm not saying Gears 2 is going to be a bad game by any means...

but reading that article, does anyone else worry that if Jordan Deam keeps this up he may
in fact choke on Epic's balls?

Literally hundreds of Locusts?


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