149: Epic Pictures

Epic Pictures

The Escapist travels to Epic HQ and captures some of the company's verve in this pictorial.


Mmmmm Hot Pockets

Wow Epic have alot of shiny things.

There's a basketball court outside too. I asked if it opened up to reveal a hanger of stealth aircraft, but all I got was a startled look in response.

Nice pictures.
But I do love you(guys?) for probably being the only people anymore to write "...the studio behind Unreal and Gears of War"

Oh, and those startled looks were probably just to put you off, or precisely because they were startled to know someone was onto their hangar.

how can you get a job there?

wow so close to one another
I gotta find time to go visit both Epic and the Escapist if I'm in the area
even if I'm just standing outside looking for ways to ninja in

Escapist should keep visiting Epic Studios, I really love the mood and atmosphere it emits. So far I can tell, Epic has the best studio in da w0rld.

Looks pretty sweet. Also, I think that there is a typo on page 3. Should read "gears of war 3" amirite?


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