149: Epic's Rainmakers

Epic's Rainmakers

Sweeney is Epic's founder and CEO, and in many ways he is the company's Willy Wonka. There are stories of brilliant people locking their doors for months on end and emerging with never-before-seen wonders. Sweeney is one of those people. Much of the Unreal Engine's technology can be traced back directly to him, tinkering away in his office.

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Perhaps we should organise a North Carolina wide gameindustry race so Joe can get his masculinity back.

Nice interview.

Ah, the NC triangle. Much like the one in Bermuda, travelers passing through it often become lost and never leave. Not that I can really kid much considering I'm in SC...

I wonder if they're ever going to bother with making a game engine that's highly compatible with older systems or that work on the Wii. Maybe a really advanced Cel-shading engine or something. Maybe one that works in Flash. They're already talking about Unreal 4 but...what else are they going to add to it? The things already got more bling than Scarface.

It all started with a level editor.. every game needs a level editor.


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