Zero Punctuation: The World Ends With You

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does anyone remember what other video the ending song is also played in? it's driving me nuts!

Opening song for the Tabula Rasa video.

Hooray for wikiquote!

I think most of the Problems Yahtzee has with JRPGs will likely be cleared up by White Knight Chronicles. Non-effeminate main character whose hair doesn't add a whole metre to his height, no trekking back and forth between cities, and some degree of control over the story. And of course, no fucking turn-based combat (I don't mind it so much, but it gets annoying after the 50th time with the same bloody attacks).

excellent as allways..if one doesn't have a sense of humor and video games ,can still watch you for the soundtrck..hehe


I heard JRPG's Make your penis smaller

Uh huh, and what does being an anime/annoying JAction game fan make you?

I guy with a small one but with more free time to play FPS's

I have to say he's almost right on with this one. Certainly the story gets highly frustrating at times, when I want to yell blindingly obvious conclusions at the characters. The two-screen combat, though, I eventually ended up getting used to. While at the start it's absurdly unintuitive, by the end of the first week I was battling rather competently and having a good time. That's one of the annoying parts of the game, though, that as soon as you get used to the control scheme they decide to completely switch it up, without fail.

The other parts about level customization and difficulty selection, though, those are some very intriguing and good elements to this game, and I'm a bit bummed he didn't decide to address them. I'd think that sort of thing would be up his alley.

A wonderful review as always.

I also have no love for JRPGs. Just this morning I tried playing Arc the Lad: End of Darkness. I did not play long enough to warrant posting in the User Reviews forum (like I played any game I've reviewed there long enough), nor to start a general bitch thread about JRPGs, so I'm posting this here where it can get safely lost in the shuffle.

But, the first, what seemed like an hour, I was just watching inane dialog play out. It was particularly annoying in this game as it lacked voice actors, so you have to read everything. The most annoying thing about these dialogs in my opinion are that you have to push a button to get the next block of text. I've hated this since the NES days. It makes things go really, really slow.Fortunately, you can skip most of that shit by just hitting the button, but I'll bet that eventually an important bit of information will get accidentally skipped that way.

Anyhoo, nine hours later, I finally got more interaction than just hitting a button to get the next line of dialog. And it was, wait for it... wait for it... running around the village and, that's right, talking to people. This has got to be my least favorite part of JRPGs. It's almost as tedious as running around a cocktail party talking to real people. And as per usual, you have to talk to one guy to unlock the ability to talk to some other guy, and thus be allowed to advance the plot.

So, basically It's like Yahtzee had reviewed this game, too. It also lacks the turn-based combat and all of that, but it sure as hell wasn't interesting enough to make me keep playing. Even naming the protagonist "Fuqtard" provided minimal enjoyment to the dreary proceedings


1. Fundamentally Unbalanced Combat

2. Grinding.

3. Saving the World.

They may tell the biggest story (over and over and over again), but I definitely don't think that JRPGs have any ground to assert themselves as "most artistic genre."

Answering very late

You know I did say the "GOOD" ones. I did say the bad ones are just Hollywood flicks, which you have proven.

It's art as in a piece of literature, just like how films are art as a piece of drama, but only the good ones.

The original XianJian doesn't have those problems you mentioned (ok maybe a bit saving the world, you save a tribe, not the world), though it isn't JRPG more ERPG as it's Taiwanese and not Japanese.

why are you people force feed me "drawn by pain". I understand the commercial, but wtf are you trying to do here? Trying to prove that you have more than on talented bloke on this site? I liked "Drawn by pain" when I first saw it browsing the site, but I don't like force feed.

Yahtzee rocks!!!


It is precisely how I feel about JRPGs, but still attempt to play them anyways.

This game is a new genre in itself. You have the 'button mashers', now you have the 'stylus scribblers'

I made this account to point something out. and I'll get to it in a minute becasue I have to say something else first. Does anyone besides me notice that if you read these posts impartually you are either just mimicing Mr. Croshaw's arguements and contributing little more than a bit of quantification (probably misspelled) (ditto) or defense of a game that as Mr. Croshaw has said before NEEDS NO DEFENSE. let the dog lie. please for the sake of the World collective IQ, I been watching the damned thing drop for years. anyway, origional argument. JRPGs, love them, or hate them are just video games. Play the ones you like, don't the ones you don't.... and also, this is a note just to our Humble Host but some of these people like you a bit much reading some of the posts through time. Maybe I'm hallucinating, wouldn't be the first time. okay, I'm done now. let the hate commense. probably going to shut up from here.

Your comment about games not letting you do the obvious reminded me of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective game where to complete the case to where you could go to the judge you had to go to a place where you really didn't need to go to solve the bloody thing.

That another one of the cases involved trip through developer's weird little world view instead of anything even remotely resembling reality (unless reality is Holmes and Watson both using Holmes's old reliable 7% solution because that is about the only way the solution made any degree of sense). As a result you go over London and then have to resort to using the Baker Street Irregulars (something you didn't have to do in any other case) going to the same locations you just personally visited before the judge finally hears your case.

Thanks for the review.

*sigh* can we have a rule that ZP comment threads are locked after the first month or so?

Dude, JRPG's aren't THAT bad, yeesh...

I don't see a reason to lock the threads. People might still have interesting things to say about older reviews. I'm still referring him to friends and customers that come into the game store I work at.

Well, in regards to JRPGs, I can't say I haven't enjoyed them for what they're worth. I completely understand the "watching and not doing" aspect of it and I do admit that it can get frustrating. But for some reason, I like the level grinding the characters (this one just doesn't have level but has a nice difficulty customization), collecting items, doing side quests, and finding more pieces of the story after the game is over. And although the computer does take over the top screen for this game in particular, it's definitely a lot more satisfying when I'm able to pull off some long chain of stacked double attacks myself.

I've beaten this game, as in played to the end, and was pretty happy to find that I could skip to any chapter I want to and I could use any of the partners. The thing is, I have no motivation to do it. If I had know that this thing existed, I probably wouldn't have tried reading all the dialogue the first time I played through it...

Anyway, thanks for the review!

What I like about the long cutscenes in JRPGs, is that the long ones usually come only after a particularly long boss fight, so your hand is to cramped to do any more fighting. I look at the cutscenes as a well deserved break, and they can be entertaining if the story is good, which is the case in TWEWY.

I still havent gotten past the last boss, but I am still having trouble figuring out why that enourmous dragon heals back to near full heatlh every few minutes. Anybody know why?

For me, JRPGs are just prettyboy eyecandy, but no fun at all to play. I chould put a Japanese RPG on autoplay & watch it like a movie, but if I want to play something & have fun, I usualy play something with "Wizards of the Coast" slapped on the side of a box or whatever new dish Bioware & their cohorts are serving up.

Perfect review though he didn't mention the music of the game...anyway its one my favorite jrpgs but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the review.

now in his mid twenties
Happy Birthday Yahtzee, sorry i couldn't get a stripper to visit you

personaly i actualy liked this game, but then again im part asian so why would my opinion matter

personaly i actualy liked this game, but then again im part asian so why would my opinion matter

5-month Necro FTL.

Great job, Yahtzee. And trust me, I'm a JRPG fan and the top screen combat was still a total clusterfuck for me too.

I have it...and I am not playing it for a long time too many other things like here and the holidays eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! and I am GAINING power for my pins by not playin so by the time I am bored enough to play it I WILL BE A GOD!

What the hell is with so many people hating JRPGs? Its annoying as hell for people to automatically hate an entire genre because "Wah there is a character that has an emo personality" get the bloody fuck over it! There is that tough guy character in every American game. And yes the top screen was a "cluster fuck" and pointless until the end.

i like the oblivion bit of whoops shot a lightning bolt up the quest givers ass. ill go murder everyone in a village or go assassinate.

Meh, I can't say I agree in entirely with Yahtzee. I can understand why the two-screen battle sequence can be kind of annoying, having to look back and forth at times. But, after a while you start to get used to it, and only have to look every so often. I also admit, the running back and forth gets really annoying, but, I try not to look at that too much. I just love the battling and the storyline. I like the fact that they managed to stick SOME humor into the game, as opposed to none. And, just a little side note, your partner during the second week is a total prick. He is pretty much PURPOSELY trying to get on your last nerve. He succeeds in this greatly at times. Anyways, that's all I have to say about your review. And I may only be disagreeing with you because I'm not as hardcore of a critic as you are, and I like JRPG's (Sometimes, a good amount of time actually.), and I am a big TWEWY fan. But, I won't argue with the fact that what you said IS true.

It's like watching a nazi reviewing a blues concert.

Only castrated japanophiles get attracted by garbage games like this.

As adverse to steriod-overdosed gun masturbators keeping Call of Duty under their mattresses for sloppy seconds to get themselves back to sleep?

Right, Garbage.

I agree, most frustrating things about JRPG's are that they never involve YOU as the main character or acknowledge you doing anything for the storyline. It's always making a character that you either hate or like (mostly hate) do everything for you. Some games have crossed that line (Praise the ONLY good JRPG of 2007, Persona 3. In fact I would have to recommend it because it's so good, if anyone is looking for a great RPG.) and make you FULLY involved in the story. But again, great review, thanks for telling me the kinda stuff to look out for. I heard great reviews from many people, but since I often share your point of view, I find your reviews to be most helpful. I indeed played some of the games that were "Great" by ratings and found them to be exactly how you said it would be. The game reviewers of today fall into hype too much, and don't honestly look at bad or good points of a game. And the number system will always fail, because it's based on opinion. What we need is an overall look at the game, honest and true. You made a great point, "If you are into the JRPG's then you might want to take a look at this because it has done some interesting things." (Not exact quote) Sadly, I'm not too into the screwed up idea of fashion changing my stats. It kinda reminds me how they screwed up Final Fantasy 12. As far as I'm concerned.. the Final Fantasy was number 10.

Right... as opposed to games with voices coming out the wazoo telling us what to do, what to pick up, how many enemies to kill in a tiresome plot that has used every western movie, cinema or video game plot to death? I commend good JRPGs for its understanding of fantasy and escapism (look to title on site.) Intereactive escapism rely totally on storylines you live out which totally rely on whether the player actually gives a danmned about the intereaction. Overall, a good game can have a completely shitty or cliche story, like how DnD is also reliant to how well the DM crafts the "setup" before the turnbase players make it to the field.

In the end, players know that being FULLY involved in an rpg does NOT mean that the escapism only gravitates toward people causing things to happen, while in most cases, sacrificing plot and background story that serves not only as motivation, environment and personification, investment seeing how we are far away from the times of Mario and even all games seem to need writers nowadays to fill in parts that lead the character. Not saying games like Half-Life don't insert their storyline expertly into the gameplay intereaction instead of stopping in cinematics, but the amount of fantasy and transition that "Movie" gameplay JRPGs have involve the player in learning through the spyglass, which is perfectly fine.

A game does not have to involve you entirely into it so long as you are given sufficient storyplot, characterization and differentiation from other games in order for you to experience a different kind of escapism. Also, really? Fashion being a screwed up idea? God of War had you screwing woman to gain their "orbs' that popped out of their vaginas after you were done picking them, we had to assume.

I think some can't swallow stylization, pop art and pop cultural aesthetics beyond shallow gimmick. I see it more as an inventive way to use gear as a colorful reference to life, but falls short and gets stuck in the realm of the surreal. Therefore, the shallowness that often does go into fashion is given to the player with blurred underlying values that were used to stitch them post production.

But I digress, if a game's agenda is truly to give the player motivation to play it, then this alternate reality/spyglass mechanic invests players in relation as a whole, whether it be the characterization, (which yahtzee reviewed 50% of) plot and plot organization (hence what is available after completing an event and how well it is done without depleting the main plot of it's investment) artistic imput, and differentiation or uniqueness. That should be the review of quality and what the genre outputs as its shining gem(s), though some will undoubtably be bits being subject to opinion.

The food system made me battle a bit more monsters. When I see that I'm about to digest food (and get the bonus), it makes me want finish it. Also, since it replenishes everyday, it makes me want to spread out my playing time. For me, the food system was minor, but it has positive effects.

i thought follower of fashion was written by the beatles

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