Unforgotten Realms: Episode Two: Press B to Jump

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Just thought I'd leave a comment, since i didn't before :) Watching all the episodes over again is just plain awesome ;)

Actually I've got a friend who plays in exact same way, that makes the episodes a little less funny as I'm constantly reminded of my GM failures.

"ME: The corridor slightly turns left.
Friend: I attack it!
Me: Attack what?
Friend: Slight left turn.
Everyone: O__O"

Ah... this is why they never let me play anything below neutral evil on the alignment-o-meter. Because we would be mauled by the Watch every time we entered a town. "Oh, I'm sorry madame... I seem to have cut off your head... "


I know I am reviving an old threat here but I just wanted to say that I have had that weird 19 + 4 that means I score line stuck in my head.

Oh god hit the deck! best part of the episode.

I thought you pressed B to Blow? :3

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