de-rez: Clan Excelsior

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They were purposly speaking the pc "slang" wrong as the joke. The first was mmorpg second was roflcopter and the third was omg but they said them all wrong.

OMG, I have the same jacket as Flower_Glove...

Thought it was good, better than the Jack Thompson Vid, but imo it's a bit slow in parts.

Also whats with the Drawn by Pain advert at the end?

theyve got those ads at the end of all the videos now. not just de-rez!

hehehehehehehe it made me chuckle lots i really liked it.

I liked it, but doing the same "Spinal Tap"-ish style every week might get a little old after a while.

Keep it fresh! Hurricane fresh!

"whats that guys name? Roosevelt. He shot me!"
XD de-rez ftw!

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