Zero Punctuation: Oblivion

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Its not immersive unless you go around roleplaying, and psh, who does that. everything else though is right.. Although Ive never seen someone get stuck on a rock... Except myself when using speedhax :X... The terrain does change, it has five flavors: oblivion, grasslands, ruins, mountainous, and forest... But each mountain forest ruin grassy plain and oblivion dimension... Look exactly alike...

Yeah, I was disappointed by the same-ness of the Oblivion worlds (leaving aside the final one) which were incredibly cookie-cutterized. Some randomized caves, sure- but that doesn't cut it.

In the game's defense, there were a few side-quests which really had creative environments. The dream quests? Cool. Also the world created by the sleeping wizard. Very creative.

One last, absolutely FINAL thing I forgot to mention.

Morrowind made me forget the distinction between the game and real life. While playing (and even occasionally while not playing), I thought and behaved like everything in the game was real. Sure, the NPCs were basically static "conversation entities" that stood around and brought up a dialogue box. Sure, the map was only about 10 square miles. But in my head, I actually existed in that world where magic and all that crap is real. Since the inability to distinguish fantasy and reality technically fits one definition of insanity, it can be said that Morrowind turned me into a crazy person.

I was able to enjoy Oblivion (especially after modding the hell out of it), but I never got anything close to that feeling. It felt less unique, more "generic." I couldn't plug myself into it. And that, I think, was its ultimate failing.

Everyone knows that Morrowind had a big load of bugs shipped with it. I accepted that back then, because it's very hard to make something big without missing a few important points.

But Oblivion seemed to have forgotten that & had a proportional number of bugs & glitches.

BBQ Platypus:
I was able to enjoy Oblivion (especially after modding the hell out of it), but I never got anything close to that feeling. It felt less unique, more "generic." I couldn't plug myself into it. And that, I think, was its ultimate failing.

Agreed. Oblivion, after I literally installed over 200 mods, was enjoyable. But game developers should make a game that is enjoyable as soon you load it up. You shouldn't have to basically redesign the entire thing and go looking around mod sites seeing what else people made for it to be fun.

I think this game was another case of Yahtzee being a bit too lenient, as he didn't crucify this game on some of it's biggest flaws. Radiant AI, and some of the absolutely retarded gameplay decisions - that damn conversation minigame, the retarded quests that have no bearing on the world you exist in, the complete lack of RPG playing opportunities for RPG games... the entire thing was a mess.

ARG Im trying to terminate the reaper programming in the radiant AI's to get them to stop wasting data insanely and grow a brain... Although it may backfire completely and create the worlds first AI element... That wont be parasitic.

I plan to play this eventually, but like with Morrowind, I expect to spend about a month traveling, looting, & killing without ever (& I do mean never) getting into the story.

Well, you nailed a lot of the key flaws, but you got one thing wrong, Yahtzee--you actually DO need to explore the landscape thoroughly, because apart from the major towns, none of the other game's locations are marked on your map until you actually reach them, although everafter they're click-to-travel-here blips on your awesome world-map of awesomeness.

Well, I do expect these flaws to bug you more than me, since I'm your polar opposite (I prefer swords over guns, always). Oblivion is my third-favorite game of all time, and I think it's just *awesome.* ^__^

I must admit i liked this game but everything he said was true with a vengence and unfortunately i haven't liked this game as much since.

oblivion was great, just not a massively in depth experience. still, i got loads of amusement out of doing silly things like standing on white gold tower or getting a picture of me in the dragons mouth :P

I preferred Morrowind except for a few things.

Oblivion was not bad, I enjoyed the stealth compared to Morrowind's stealth system, but all in all it wasn't that great.

It was blaringly easy, but I didn't mess with the difficulty slider, so that might have changed a thing or two.

Late commenter is late.

Parallel Streaks:
Late commenter is late.

Extremely late.

But it is better to post in an existing topic then to make a new one?

I also had to get the manual just for the key to drop anything, but it wasn't that or the lack of any characteristics from the NPC's that made me stop playing it.

The reason why I stopped playing this game was because when I tried to push my horse off a castle, it first was standing in mid-air and when it finally decided to fall down it didn't die. The second time I just jumped down with the horse with the result that I was riding on it on top of the door below going almost verticaly.

Coughidy cough cough.

wait so do night elves really give u BJS in this game?

wait so do night elves really give u BJS in this game?

No, you foo!

i liked it was a nice break from fast paced good games lol

I can't talk about this game without foaming at the mouth. May favourite game is Morrowind. This is horrible.
It removed any aesthetic style, removed any charm, made everyone look bored, removed uniquities, destroyed application, made your player-character a damn mailman, ruined all the unique equipment, killed Patrick Stewart, and lumped everything in a generic fantasy setting that could quite literally have been the teletubby field. I hate this game with a passion.
Combat was nice though.

Yah my first encounter with the begger woman made me go back to her just to make sure my mind wasnt playing tricks on me. Then when she was using her 2 voices im like "o_o....-.- who the fuck are you fooling" and pretty much didnt wana go near her after that.But i really didnt wana go near any NPC cuz of how ugly they looked, creeped me out.

I, too, love Oblivion, but it does have issues. General bugginess, not-very-good voice acting apart from Captain Picard, Boromir, and the Prophet of Truth (Uriel Septim, Martin Septim, and Mankar Camoran, respecively), etc. And the "stupid conversation pie" i.e. the persuasion minigame is completely useless once you get the ability to create your own spells and just create a spell of Charm 100 pts for 3 seconds. It eliminates any need for the pie, since you can make anybody love you for the duration of the conversation, and it's very low cost as well.

For me, that catpiss joke was Yahtzees best one eeeever. I´m still out of breath...

Does the Zero Punctuation stuff in the store every get restocked or is it pretty much out of stock forever?

I'm pissed he still hasn't reviewed Morrowind, I want to know what he thought of that. I thought it was vastly better, even if both Morrowind and Oblivion are awesome games.

I think this is one of my favorite games of all time!

i found that the game sucked me in as soon as character creation was done.

Everything he says is true

I bought the game 2 days ago, spent 16hrs playing the game....and I don't like it. That's really all I can say. I feel exhausted and don't even want to explain myself. Just another super popular game that everyone likes but I find issues with it that kill the game for me.

I also like the kinks a lot.

Bump for the possibility that Yahtzee is going to review Skyrim soon.

Skyrim improved on Oblivion in a number of ways but I feel that the lack of immersion Yahtzee was talking about is still a problem. Even in a heated argument the NPCs just stand there like wooden statues. And combat is still very much, "spam R-trigger until the monster in your face dies."

Oh and there are still 9000 bugs like in any other Bethesda game. See Backwards Flying Dragons.

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