Zero Punctuation: Haze

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Playing Turok on PC right now its a very paint by numbers generic FPS with some barely fun weapon designs, what I hate most abotu it besides the fantasy-less bland story/characters and magical regeneration ability is the crappy modern corridor shooter level designs.....

Alpha prime is better than least the drug worked :P

AoC.... joust repost your Tabula Rasa review but replace the name and change lord/general British with some Norwegian guy and mention Dreamfall - The Longest Journey and you can spend the rest of your time washing the gimp or something else fun.

Love the Cornetto reference, it remains me the films "Shaun of the dead" and "Hot Fuzz" lol

fat basterd. Awsome review im a hotney kitty kat with a splinter in his eye


I just found this genius stuff from a post on today. I have to say the author dude is greatness. Haze did sukkk balls, I rented it from gamefly, so it was basically free. I want the 30 minutes of my life back that I spent installing the game to the hdd, only to delete that file 5 minutes later when I discovered the game was beyond horsecrap, it was the crap that bugs etc poop out after eating generic horsecrap. Its like Haze was trying to be something as a finished product, that it never mapped out even remotely clearly from the beginning. I wish I had seen this before playing it!

very funny review although i disagree about having to be mad to buy it as i played a demo of it and have been wanting it ever since (although i have never had the money to as i am nearly always skint)

good job on this one, i hated the game and loved listening to you tear it apart.

i was planning on getting this game. I probably still will, too.

i was planning on getting this game. I probably still will, too.

Don't I bought it. It was terrible


i was planning on getting this game. I probably still will, too.

Don't I bought it. It was terrible

Alright, thanks. it doesn't seem like that great of a game.

Watching this makes me wonder how many Neon Genesis Evangelion references there are in your reviews... I only just noticed the reference to Shinji. "IMUSTN'TRUNAWAYIMUSTN'TRUNAWAYIMUSTN'TRUNAWAYIMUSTN'TRUNAWAY"

Or, it was a coincidence, which I doubt.

It looked awesome but *sigh* what a let down it was in the end.

Since you go though so many games & have to pay so much, maybe you should get them secondhand on the ones you suspect might not be worth your money.

That review was far too lenient. No one should play Haze. Anyone.

I hate ppl that think haze sucks.. (except you ben Yahtzee Sebastian ??? Godzilla croshaw
And the guns now sould like real guns FYI

Idk haze was pretty bad, but it had some good parts

Online kills Campaghn (please forgive for spelling) Camp sucked..

i think Haze is a OK game. Its been out for a long time and maybe someone should buy it for dirt cheap.


If you eat the cake, you no longer have the cake. Hence, you can not have it, and eat it as well, because eating it means it will be gone.

Well of course it copied a level of Quake 2, Quake 2 was awesome!

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