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I think I finally get this comic now

This is what happened, wasn't it?

I have to say that I was quite disappointed with this week's feature. Up until now, I was amused by Yahtzee's reviews very much, even if I disagreed with some of them (Painkiller a good game? WTH?), but this was somewhat arrogant. Is there some personal history behind the authors of Zero Punctuation and CAD? Because I have not yet found any reason Tim to be "Up his ass" or "A twat"- He writes mostly enjoyable web comics which are simpler than PA (Which is at places too abstract and weird for my personal tastes), and from his blog he seems to be quite a normal guy. If this is only about adding drama to CAD, it's even more appaling and elitist- The miscarriage relevation was very tastefully done, had buildup and was indeed sad. There's nothing wrong about that, because he had a girlfriend once who miscarried and simply wanted to process this in his comic even before he finished the story arc. He does not need any reason to change the comic akin to this for a period of time, so I do not see what the bashing is for. Let those who have fun reading it enjoy it, and those who dislike it ignore it. Hate and disrespect should not spread. I thought Yahtzee was smarter than that to join that gang. ANd i take that no one watched Scrubs around here? It is indeed possible to mix drama with humour. Ever heard of tragic comedies?

My god yes. Frankly CAD has always been rubbish, but the point of this wasn't CAD at all, it was the legion of dross that seeps across the internet masquerading as humour, or maybe art.

It's light hearted entertainment, not art. I'll take that instead of bitter elitists any day. It does not have to be approved by everyone to be enjoyable for some and I do not think CAD ever wanted to run for a webby-Oscar or something :P

While I've never burst into uncontrollable laughter over cad its had its moments of humour in the past but sadly they're as rare as finding diamonds in your toilet. PA is genious, cad is like the newer simpsons eps, smart people know its shit but the morons are still going to love it.

Wonderful.. slightly surprised the inexplicably popular PennyArcade escaped largely unscathed, but nice and cathartic over all. Cheers Yahtzee!

never seen cad before, and since i don't think i'm much of a fanboy (I am) never thought i would, now zp made me...well i'm not angry, just disappointed...

What is the point of attacking those who read it? It's a one-page webcomic with four panels! You read it, get a few chuckles out of-(Or not) and forget about it. It's not as elaborate as, say, the Simpsons, which, I agree, did get shit recently. So, where can I find any indication of Tim's uber-ego? I may lack background info to see this in the big picture.

so people say this is poking fun at CAD, well i tried to read that one but its boring as hell. very funny episode. i love the line at the end of the credits, very witty.

Don't know if that has already been posted, but digging through 13 pages doesn't sound like a wise time investment.


The World Ends With You

Wait, wait, wait since when did TWEWY have a fanbase as rabid as SSBB or MGS4? Then again, I didn't stay around the comments for that much after I viewed that one.

Well i'm not one to bother posting on any forum very often but having read all your reviews since you started I thought it was about time I posted.
I generally don't have the time for gaming a lot at the moment but I do read a number of web comics and Zero Punctuation each week and frankly I have to say thanks for poking at CAD for the god awful miscarriage story arc... not that CAD is great but its on my list of ten or so online comics I visist now and then and its lost the plot to be honest.
Web comics are really meant to be funny shorts which can have some story arc but not loose its self in them. And if your a gaming comic which is light hearted, miscarriage is the last thing I'd want to read about... and the abortion pre-story, sweet god no!
What I like is Penny Arcade, PvPonline, The Adventures of Dr McNinja and Looking For Group, there are others but there are the best four, each does things very differently but all keep me hooked each week. Don't know if people agree? but these are how I think people should make webcomics.

Oh and may i say as another mean hearted English git; keep it honest, keep it mean Yahzee, and I'll keep turning in!

CAD are a true xbot webcomic. Extra Life>Penny Arcade>CAD.

hey if Yahtzee can kill babies with chainsaws and make me lol why can't CAD kill babies with the hand of god?
GONE WITH THE BLASTWAVE is personally my favorite web comic

I love and hate this video, mainly because I like that he didn't review a game so it was a little more interesting, and of course this also means he's straying away a little more because now he realizes how fucking influential he is - but ranting about gaming webcomics is borderline "off topic"...borderline.

I love how everyone just says "man he must hate CAD" even though he didn't mention ANY names other than penny arcade.

Love how it also says "Still very much aware of the hypocrisy thank you!" - (go to that site at the end of the video and check out his comic.) and of course him and his flip flopping of opinions.

He has stated before that he hates CAD, and his use of the miscarriage example directly realted to CAD. Also, he mentions Bontrol Balt Belete or some crap in the video.

Wow, first day this video is released and already 13 pages of comments. Yahtzee could make a video of him snoring for fifteen minutes, people would still watch it and comment saying it was awesome.

I guess since I don't know junk about webcomics, i can't say much about this video.

It seems that lately, all Yahtzee seems to do is try to annoy as many people as possible, to get his popularity up - after all, controversy sells. This has been true for Metal Gear Solid 4, The World Ends With You, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I do feel that this is going a step too far though as he's throwing every webcomic, ever, into the same pot and trying to claim they're all the same.

Yahtzee has been doing that since he started. The Console Rundown video? "An adventure in fanboy baiting" I believe the description read.

First and foremost I enjoy CAD and it seems more interesting for tim buckley to mix up his story line a bit instead of continous humor and throw in a bit of a mishap every now and again. It is suppose to be comedy and tragedy. Secondly I didn't think yatzhee would go in the direction of CAD bashing. If Tim some how offended yahtzee at a convention this spontaneous revenge video is a little much. Shit happens deal with it.

And that people is why I remain a medium enjoying your pleasure and pain.


Has anyone else noticed that the CAD forums went down after the 2nd thread about ZP was posted?

Hate and disrespect should not spread. I thought Yahtzee was smarter than that to join that gang.

You say 'hate' and 'disrespect', I see 'opinion' and 'criticism'. This is criticism at its most vitriolic, but nonetheless hateful or not, it is criticism and a projection of opinion.Whether the points made are valid or not is debatable, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy something you like unless you have an unnatural need for everyone's approval on every thing you do.


And I take that no one watched Scrubs around here? It is indeed possible to mix drama with humour. Ever heard of tragic comedies?

Yes, but did Tim Buckley manage to pull that off well? That's also up for debate.
Personally, I didn't think so. Miscarriage is sad, yes, but it has been done in better. It wasn't heart-wrenching to me in the slightest and the whole arc walked into "blugh" territory for me. That's two steps below "meh" and one step below "bleh". Of course, I've generally felt that CAD was/is the essence of mediocrity that had some sense of wasted potential to be like Penny Arcade (a webcomic I usually go into with a "meh"), so I'm a biased elitist. Sorry, maybe I needed the emotional attachment for the characters, but I absolutely can't view them as anything else but the stereotypes presented by Yahtzee.

L.B. Jeffries:
On an off note, 'Married to the Sea' is an example of an awesome web comic.

It has nothing to do with video games though.

Thank you sir, that is humerous indeed...

Also, I still like CAD, even though this video had me laughing my ass off... So yeah, I enjoy both...

Cafepress shirts... bah! is where its at... cheaper, better quality, 24hr. turnaround guaranteed~

hes going the way of foamy the squirrel. initially he was interesting and humerous then his opinions on everything that lives under the sun get a bit tedious and so by insulting something popular he draws more attention to himself.

No, seriously, CAD sucks

(And Tim Buckley's an arrogant jagoff)

... and nothing but love for Penny Arcade.

The only time I've ever seen a humor comic turn to drama successfully was sluggy freelance. Some of the stories fall flat (most of those semi-annual Harry Potter parodies), but the characters genuinely grow over time, and even in the darkest storyline he manages to stick in some awesome one-liners that don't distract from the mood. The art is decent, and the wordy comics actually advance the story in subtle ways. Also, almost all of his dramatic comics are freaking huge.

Order of the Stick. That comic was the essence was well-executed Cerebus Syndrome (the term for the humor-to-drama). It added a more serious plot, fleshed out the characters, but perhaps most importantly, STAYED FUNNY. Actually, it may have become MORE funny after it added the DRAMA™. Also, it didn't jump into it in just one strip, but rather it was a gradual change. Managing to stay funny while adding DRAMA™ is tricky, but is very possible. Order of the Stick is living proof.

Let's compare Ctrl+Alt+Del. Before the DRAMA™ happened, it was a fairly lighthearted comic. Suddenly, something as gravely serious as a miscarriage is thrown in seemingly out of nowhere. This might have worked if not for the fact it went back to wacky gaming strips shortly afterward. The juxtaposition of a comic with a very serious story line with purely random comics doesn't work. THAT'S what ruined the miscarriage arc, before anything else: You can't have something as gravely serious as a miscarriage come out of nowhere and then get back to Dungeons & Dragons humor two strips later.

In the end, the biggest problem with the miscarriage is how out of place it felt. You can have curveballs like that if you've already established DRAMA™ at least somewhat in your strip, but throwing in said curveballs out of nowhere constitutes a Wall Banger.

While I've never burst into uncontrollable laughter over cad its had its moments of humour in the past but sadly they're as rare as finding diamonds in your toilet. PA is genious, cad is like the newer simpsons eps, smart people know its shit but the morons are still going to love it.

I'm not certain why you write off its fans as "morons", but then again I have never understood the hatred towards the "new episodes" of The Simpsons. Sure, they're not as good as some of the older ones, but it's still funny and better than most of the stuff on TV.

At less than a minute in, it was clear this was about CAD. I'm not even done the video, and he's listed all the major characteristics of that abomination.

Not sure if this has been posted already, but I love it. And if you're aware of Buckley's "shenanigans", the background image will be the best part.

Still, the miscarriage comic was the funniest CAD ever.

CAD > Penny Arcade


Dont know if anyone has said this yet, but Yahtzee:

You sir, are fucking awesome!

Out of gaming comics I really like Fanboys. It does follow the two-boys-one-girl-and-she's-the-mc's-girlfriend, but it still manages to feel more fresh then any of the other gaming comics I've read. First off, the main character is not based on the creator (though I guess he looks vaguely like him) and all of the other characters feel well-rounded and human.
The drama is light, and the characters like to flaunt their respective stereotype.


What I like is Penny Arcade, PvPonline, The Adventures of Dr McNinja and Looking For Group

Except for PvP, I agree completely. Dr McNinja is the best thing ever. ("'re adorable. You've inspired me. I'm gonna paint an adorable little bunny rabbit on the wall right now. With your adorable blood.")

I guess i'm the only one who finds it sad a grown man spent time to make a video to explain to everyone how much he hates a webcomic. But then again, i also find it sad that South Park is still on TV while Firefly was canceled after one season. Obviously there is no God nor is there an ounce of justice in the universe, thus explaining Yhatzee's popularity, South Park's continued existence and Sara Silverman being born, all at once.


I knew if i said i hated South Park someone would flame me. Well let me shock you again, i hate Penny Arcade too. It's about as funny as a kick to the head. But then i find 99% of all webcomics earthshatteringly unfunny.

VG Cats is hit or miss though, but i'm not a fan of it either.

Oh i guess my internet ego should be wounded. Wait let me find it...

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