Tapping Diablo's History to Tell a New Story

Tapping Diablo's History to Tell a New Story

Whitney Butts sits in at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational to learn how Blizzard plans to provide greater depth in Diablo 3 by mining the franchise's rich history and mythology.

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Ah, Diablo...the first game that ever made me throw down my controller, jump up from my chair and scream "Yeah baby and FUCK YOU TOO!" when I beat a boss...

Actually, I think the dent from my mother's shoe may still be in the back of my head somewhere.

I'm glad they're aiming at building up the universe a bit more and finding new ways to tell the plot. I don't know why...but for some reason the first game's never-ending scrolling text turned me off. I'm right in the middle of a click-fest and reading a book was always the last thing I wanted to do.

Definitely enjoyed the sequel's plot much more. Better pacing and character development. I remember they toyed a little bit with having each character class receive their own dialog but it sounds like they'll even be getting unique quests now. Maybe th-

Gads...I'm gibbering already.

ooo, maybe there'll actually be some depth to the mindless hack fest this time around.

Diablo 3 takes place 20 years after the events of Diablo 2. Deckard Cain is still around and is convinced that Hell is going to invade. He feels as though he is responsible for what has happened, but unfortunately, his concerns are not well received.

Aww ffs ~~ Mass Effect just told that story, and it didn't really do it any favors : P

Characters can be male or female? So I can choose whatever class I want to play and yet still be a sexy femme fatale?

YES (Oh and.. yes, though it doesn't mention it in the article).

... don't you judge me, I just like seeing something pretty killing things.

I hope Deckard will appear to be some higher daemon character...
The one that is responsible for Tyrael's demise...
He was always the one that helped you with knowing everything...
And pushing you in the good direction or a certain 'His Direction'.
Maybe he was scheming to become a ruler of Hell like Cogliostro from Spawn?
Can't wait for the story to continue...
Nice the Assassin(monk) will be back in 3... I love Katarz!


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