Contest: Spore Creature Creator Winners!

Contest: Spore Creature Creator Winners!

OK, so we're a bit late in announcing the winners. But, after an intense amount of deliberation among the team, we have selected our favorites.

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Congradu-FREAKIN-lations to all the winners. though it was kindof expected that atleast one person who made a Yahtzee would be one of the winners.

Still, congratulations.

I love the schmoopy one soo much.

Hehe, good work there. Making an escapist themed monster does have it's constraints.

I'm absolutely honored. Thank you, guys. (Sweet title you folks came up with, too. Me likey.)

Well done, next time I go for something a little less surreal. :)

I give my congratulations to the three main winners but of course, specially to Narrator. I avoided joining this competition because the moment I saw Narrator's, I was sure no one could possibly make anything more biologically representative of The Escapist.

Aww, so close to first.

Still, Can't argue with the winner.


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