Stolen Pixels #1: Surreal Tournament

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lol euh doesn't anybody else see that this guy is just the baby of the oh so lovely gears of war couple
Baird & Dom? (looks alot like Dom has bairds goggles and also a little of his looks)

T'was one of the bigger downfalls of UT3. I feel they invested too much time in the wrong things.
They tried to make the "single player" deep when everyone who plays the UT franchise knew and loved it as an arena shooter. There was really no need for it. It was never going to fit unless they would have specifically made some kind of actual single player game. (which would have been stupid as again, arena shooter is what UT is and always has been)

The many short comings of UT3 made me quite sad as I was a UT99 and (especially) a UT2004 junkie and UT3 felt so hollow, soulless and not particularly tailored to PC's either.
I also disliked that Epic gave us (especially PC players) a sub-par and schizophrenic game and when it naturally didn't sell too well they blamed it on the times saying that no one plays arena shooters any more. Another example of devs blaming poor sales on everything but themselves.

Ooops. I started to rant again.

a friend and I played some Unreal Tournament 3 a while back...pretty good time, tho we stopped once Gears 3 rolled around

I thought the Field LAttice Generator acronym in UT3 was a joke. Surely they weren't being serious?

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