Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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TOO MUCH CHANGE! *watches "The Darkness review to prevent brain implosion"* "Ripping off Copyrighted Music"? He gave credit >_> Maybe he pirated it or something, I dunno.

Whatever, if we have no say in the new intro then I'll live with it but that's not going to stop me from liking the old ones more.

As for the review, I don't know if it's fair, unfair, dishonest, brutally honest, whatever, it's a LEGO game - he can rant all he wants. The visual jokes in this one are pure win though.

EDIT: I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here who thinks that the "Hard Rock" doesn't fit at all. I was hesitant to comment but I don't care if the "music is good or bad" - it just has to fit with the videos - it's not like De-Rez plays emo music when it starts up.

Right on review. I do miss the music selections, but I'm sure I can easily adapt. I'll probably be cool with this by the next episode.

Well done on the Crystal Skull review. The ability to get your opinion across with hand gestures is quite a talent. Well done, good sir.

Yeah...I kinda miss him "ripping off" other songs whose titles or subject matter related back to the game being reviewed. It added another level of wit to the whole thing. Yeah, i'm not really a fan of the new intro, I mean it's not bad, it's actually very well done, but it doesn't seem to fit I suppose...But hey, I'm entitled to my opinion just as everyone else here is, and just as Yahtzee is entitled to his opinion, to even read any of these responses or will us all subconsciously to piss off and die if he really wants to...

In the end, this all meaningless anyhow.

I like the new intro movie but you should still try and use copyrighted music.

Awesome review, just as good as ever. Enjoyed the heck out of it. New theme music takes away some of ZP's uniqueness that I love so much though.

Yay Yatzee! I really enjoy this stuff and this new review's funny even though I've never been intrested in this title.

The new intro is nice, but (like almost everyone else) I'm going to miss the old version. The songs were always so appropriate and I got a laugh out of the intro song for Bioshock. I can understand the switch though. well, Indiana Jones movie fails for another reason I guess :P

OK first off to everybody out there Lego Indy is NOT better than MGS4, MGS is about the experience, which it had in spades (IMAO)and was totally rad, plus for those of you who like online gaming MGO is very cool. Sorry I know I am a total douchebag for bringing that one up again.
Good review, entertaining as always, lots of lols. New intro and outro is rather flashy, I kind of miss the simplicity of the old style plus the custom songs, but at least we got a decent amount of content this time (nothing like waiting a week for a 3 min. video)

I like the hard rock music, I think it fits fine, because it is cool like the reviews...

funny as always.

the new intro was cool.

and im honestly more concerned with the continued quality of the reviews than i am about how the intro to them looks.

good stuff as always Mr. Croshaw.

Vicioussama: well, Indiana Jones movie fails for another reason I guess :P


All Lego games to me have been meh at best, but then I stopped caring for lego games about the time i stopped caring for legos, which was what 12, 13 years ago. eh Still an entertaining review as usual yahtzee and yay for originality and fascism.

I never saw the new indy film, after 99.9% of people I talked to said it was shit I couldn't be bothered finding out just how shit it is so I'm sure your review was spot on :P

Yeah, not hot on the new intro and outros. They feel more glitzy and higher budget but less personal.

conqueror Kenny:

That wasn't too bad a review actually.

I'm sad to see your music selections are now gone, it did add that bit more humour and depth to your reviews.

Really I saw no more depth than usual. Strange I must be missing something or you are just making something up that seems somewhat plausible.

'did' in the past tense, einstein.

This review didn't make me laugh. I'm going to wait for the universe to explode now. :(

Also, I don't like the new intro. Feels too eye-candy-ish.

But we spent so long documenting the song choices on Wikipedia. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NOW?

Good review.

I like the new intro.

It's a shame the new Indy had to suck as much ass as everyone knew it would. They finally made another movie with Commies as bad guys (Cate Blanchett's manifesto was pretty accurate--and fulfilled, in my opinion), and as fate would have it, it wasn't that good.

To be fair though, it wasn't any less entertaining than Crusade was (or less corny). The real mistake Lucas made was the attempt to flesh out all the supporting characters nobody cares about. Admit it, the movie kicked ass until LaBeouf showed up.

The rocket-car?
The doom town?

P.S: Temple of Doom was the best Indy. Anyone who says Last Crusade was eats paint chips.

I was trying to work some penis-related, auto-fellatio joke into this reply that somehow corresponded to excellent word choice and sentence structure while doing these reviews...but **** it, man. It's 3:20am in the morning.

Zero Punctuation is the only thing that makes Wednesdays worth it.

Today is Thursday dude....

For those of you who claim to "love" the new intro, I'm curious as to what part you love. The generic nu-metal? The flying animation that seems oddly out of place with the stopframe animation of the video itself? The flashbacks to old videos of which don't make sense when taken out of context?

All the comments comparing this to "Waynes World" are spot on - the introduction seems to have been designed by people who have no clue as to why the videos were popular in the first place. They just seemed to have thrown together a couple of unrelated things together because they are individually popular, like... oh... say... Indiana Jones and Lego.

The fundamental rule of new marketing initiatives is that they should add value. Whereas the old intro/outro gave 10 seconds of "Ah... I see the connection" the new one gives 10 seconds of "Get on with it!". It's a complete waste of time, adds no value, and you've just flushed the time, effort and presumably money of creating it down the toilet.

Yahtzee, you better stop being a sucker for money and keep your creative processes instead of letting other people tell you how to do your job.

Im sure the artists of the songs you used in the starting and ending sequences in past videos dont give a shit that you use them. I think you are making excuses just to try and cover the fact that The Escapist are trying to watch their wallet in terms of copyright issues.

I love your creative mind and your creations, and I know this is not one of them and to taint your creative process is a fucking sin. As I have stated earlier, if The Escapist had any brains in their heads, they would let you do things your way, because your way has gotten them as well as yourself to this point.

Love your work, but very dissapointed brother.

Im sure the artists of the songs you used in the starting and ending sequences in past videos dont give a shit that you use them. I think you are making excuses just to try and cover the fact that The Escapist are trying to watch their wallet in terms of copyright issues.

Well, seeing as how a court case would crush them, I'd probably stay on the safe side. Anyway, I think you maight be jumping the gun just a tad. It might have nothing to do with copyright issues.

For those of you who claim to "love" the new intro, I'm curious as to what part you love. The generic nu-metal?

Damn strait,
Just feels like when Metallica hit the shelves with LOAD...So many people lost respect for them after that. But I guess everything that is good has to be snatched up by suits and fucked with until its a shadow of what it once was.

A sad day for Yahtzee's creativity, because now it is just being fucked with.
Another reason why I believe that Yahtzee belongs somewhere where he can be paid to do what he does and how he does it.

Look for another place to go to man, for God sake.

Well, seeing as how a court case would crush them, I'd probably stay on the safe side. Anyway, I think you maight be jumping the gun just a tad. It might have nothing to do with copyright issues.

If you bother to read the (usually) sadistic and hilarious lines of text Yahtzee adds to his videos at the end, you will see it has everything to do with copyright issues.

He even wrote that.

They could have at least picked some appropriate music. Somehow I find it hard to associate a plummy Brit in a fedora who reviews video games with coarse, shredding rock music.

Yes, yes, yes we can all see what you did there. By pre-empting us fans on not liking the new intro you have succeeded in pointing out that we, your fans, are boring and predictable. That makes it all ok; the fundamental balance of the cosmos is preserved...

But seriously, I can understand that you are no doubt under pressure from the escapist to keep things above board by not using music you haven't got the permission to use from the original publisher, but surely you could have come up with something a bit more fitting than this. It looks and sounds like the ZP equivelent of the intro to a show about monster trucks or a world's strongest man contest or something.

I've worked with Russ Pitts before, he is a great editor and this intro is indeed very professional looking, but I really think that it waters down some of your personality and style.

I think the comments in this thread are compelling enough proof that the new intro is not liked. I would like to see another attempt, by you (Yahtzee) this time and without 'music to enjoy a frat party to'.

Otherwise, great review as always.

I think somebody wrote what they really thought here:

Yes, that somebody is me and I wrote it there and not in here because I know I would get banned from this joint for a week or whatever because apparently addressing the harsh truth makes you a Troll.

For God sake Yahtzee, listen to your fans and not the dollars and host your videos on Destructoid or a better gaming community site.

Fucking Shortround...

I was stunned and thrown alittle by the new intro but you know what in time it'll grow on me ^^. Review was awsome as always , and yes there is only 3 indy films.. i odnt know of this 4th people speak of. Also the end giving us a secound review !?!? you truely blessed us on this day.

Thanks yahtzee and keep them coming ^^

Everyone keeps saying "Good review, same as always", doing exactly what he just got done bashing Webcomics about - not giving any good feedback to improve his style.

To note: he keeps changing the way he writes his scripts, and they've evolved to what we've gotten the past few weeks. I'm not liking the changes I myself am seeing. The new intro sucks, plain and simple, but I also see where he's coming from with copyrights and such. The more popular ZP gets, the more likely it is he'll see some court action. I agree with what various other posters have already said - create something on your own, maybe have someone else write some music, but this new intro is just horrid - if I wasn't already a long term fan, I could easily see it pushing me away from ZP.

Scripts keep seem to be getting more convoluted and are starting to lack the originality. I miss the rapid fire assault of imagery and description I used to get. Focus on the video games, the genres - the Pop Culture soundbites will write themselves if he'd stay true to the original concept of ZP. It just feels uninspired and unfocused these days, say something relating to mass media to make it easier for non-gamers to get.

It seems like he's just talking about the games now, not reviewing them. More focus on the puns, less on the actual games. Granted, Lego Indy is just a horrible game anyway. Overall, someone already stated this - it's hard to pinpoint what is slowly changing, but I'm not a fan of it. I could honestly feel, after the past 3 weeks, the want to make the choice to cease watching weekly.

I know it's a tad early to start calling these things out, but ya gatta turn the ship early before it hits that iceberg, ya know? Anyway, here is my rant - I don't know if Yahtzee reads any of these posts - but I hope these current trends don't continue, I'd hate to see this ship slowly sink already.

(Fuck, reread my last paragraph, sorry for the lame ass Titanic analogy - its 6 a.m. here)


Like, very much like. This one had me giggling audibly within seconds. Proper foam-flecked hilarity, and unusually for recent efforts, the ZP was actually longer than the lame ads. Keep it up, please.

new music is fantastic! i want that song on my ipod! is it on itunes!? AWESOME MORE PROFESIONAL!


compassionate internet campaign to spare short-round* another beating

* short-round may be another term for planet Earth

Two things:

1. The Lusitania was downed by our German friends in the early part of the last century. I say this because it wouldn't take much treasure to sink it. Useless you were to use a giant golden pile-driver to push it farther into the sea bed.

2. The new intro is fine. As long as the video/article/episode remains my weekly dose of web based, nerdling belligerence I don't really mind you tarting it up. The t-shirt ads at the end were a nice touch! However, I can't help but wonder if this is you just spending your ill gotten gains from the spike in web traffic you no doubt received after kicking lumps out of Tim Buckley. I would have thought you more the hookers and blow type but there you go.


Nice talk in Melbourne tonight Yahtzee.

Loved the smackdown on the Spore dick monster crowd, and the JRPG kid who played "some crap game in the original Japanese".

Intro and outro was gay.

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