Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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Jesus CHRIST it's just a new intro, stop moaning. So it changes. Ah well.

Great review, I wholeheartedly agree on the whole "cutesie" vibe from the Lego games in being parodies, I love it to be honest. But some of the controls were a little retarded, but evenly spaced out so it wasn't that bad.

Love the review of the movie at the end too, brilliant description with nothing but hand gestures and facial expressions.

Any1 else wanna lick bum once more?

... .... ..... What?

I fear that changing Yahtzee's creative intros brings us onto a very dark path-- a road that involves a day where Yahtzee will be politely asked by the Escapist to stop cursing.

But only when they do.

I don't really understand how the new intro is being disliked because it is different/changed. ( unless your talking about the "change" from cool to suck)

Every other opening was different than the one before.

If anything it will now be a static, recurring thing that will not change(redundancy used for effect).
He might as well introduce a wacky neighbor/brother and try to get a timeslot between two and a half men and the rules of engagement.

Salad Is Murder:
Nice work Yahtzee, but I'm not crazy about the new intro style...I miss the music selections.

I liked the new intro but yeah some of that old music was pretty darn hilarious in its own right.

I know, the music sections in the very beginning were awesome, and they'll be sorely missed. I can understand him not wanting to rip off copyrighted music though, its a lawsuit in waiting (especially now that he seems to be getting more popular). As a replacement I can't think of any other kind of intro that would be better.

I was rather surprised he reviewed LEGO Indy, and I'm glad he did (mostly because I thought I was alone in a world of OMG-NEW-INDIANA-JONES-MOVIE!!!1 junkies who have yet to realize that the Indiana Jones franchise has fallen prey to "lets squeeze the last bit of money out of these already satisfied fans by tacking on new needless entertainment/shit" virus). But putting my spiteful feelings aside, I enjoyed his review that supports my feeling against having to buy that video game anyway.

Tubers and zots X-men.... nobody ever remembers tubers and zots..

Although Yatzee is correct about the auto lock, it fucks rabid monkeys in all of the lego games...

WTF why does anyone care what the into is like? Isn't this a "video game review" forum not an "I want to suck the reviewers dick" forum...


Am new tot he comments section, so hopefully the following will be read with that in mind.

I, too, must raise my voice in disliking the new intro, and these are the reasons why:

1) The tone of Zero Punctuation has changed. Previous to the new intro segment, one of the good things about Zero Punctuation was it's seeming "informality". That is, it gave the appearance of two people putting it together and presenting their opinions honestlyt, even putting a little of themselves into it (the personalized intros where the music ALWAYSA had something to do with the review). Just one of those touches that made the videos all the more entertaining. While I can understand that do ing it that way is MORE work in terms of research/licensing/etc. - the new intrro just smacks of "sellout". Best comparison I can come up with is a movie reference: "Wayne's World", while fictional, showed the same thing - the show popular as long as it was underground and spontaneous, then decaying when it went commercial and losing much of it's appeal in the process.

2) The new intro doesn't really smack of "professionalism" to me - to be quite honest, it looks like something smacked together over a weekend with a VERY generic powerchord theme - to me, it just doesn't work.

3) TBH, if this is a attempt to look more "professional" (which is usually the reason for drastic changes to one part or another of any show), just be aware that, in pursuing that so-called "professional" crowd, you may lose the current fanbase. It's a slippery slope, and I'd ask if you had carefully considered that course of action?

Either way, that's my opinion, and if it means a banhammer, so be it. Had to voice this, as have seen other shows fall by the wayside.

For the gentleman speaking about the Indiana Jones fanboys, you may want to take a look at:

It may be of interest to you :)

<For some reason, the board won't let me quote a post :(>

Who gives a shit about the fucking intro?! If it hadn't been changed it was only a matter of time until site traffic popped up a red flag for ASCAP or BMI (music licensing companies) or other such type organizations to bend the Escapist over without the much needed benefit of a reach around.

As for the generi-chord theme that has been laid over the intro... What "originally written" theme song Amp Farm/ Guitar Pod induced or no, is good? Most of these crappy meme's (no offense intended) hire a retard to sing the "Age of Aquarius" as the intro. Seriously, it's about the content of the review, not how it starts, or ends, or even what it looks like in between, just shut up and listen. Most of the time you have to stop/ rewind/ slow down/ replay sections of the video to catch all of the content anyway. Nothing much has changed, there are still tiny imps, dude guy is still wearing a hat and jacking off to the sound of his own voice, and it's still funny and (somewhat) accurate as hell.

I can totally understand being frustrated with change and making noises about selling out, but in the interest of understanding another human beings self interest in advancing themselves professionally, maybe you should just enjoy the show. Or you could always pound sand.

Oh yeah, and every time you use SMS a ninja kills a kitten and doesn't even care...


Perhaps you should read the link above your about "jumping the shark". Not all changes are "improvements". Perhaps you'll get a better idea of what people are worried about.

Or perhaps not. That part's up to you.

Long time watcher, first time poster.

Actually, i've only just signed up to The Escapist but my presence will soon be known.

Now after reading the posts about Yahtzee's latest vid (this week's will be out in a few hours), I don't mind the new music. It's Zero Punctuation evolving and now the video critical reviews that we all can't get enough of has its own theme. I enjoyed the fact that he found songs that related to the games he took a dump onto but as the series gained attention, so would those bitchy musicians who would have that doped up that they would have forgotten that they released that song if not for the fact that Yahtzee displayed the song names and artists at the end of the video.

I'm actually quite surprised on how his views on games have related to mine. Two that come to my mind are Halo 3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I never understood why Halo was so popular other than the multiplayer. Being an aussie we had to wait for SSBB and I back him up on his views on that, I enjoyed the first two though but this one was too over the top.

Looking forward to what game he is throwing up this week, literally.

I like the new opening just dont think it can work with any other songs i miss the funny tie in songs but as long as its fast and funny i can forgive the new opening and closeing i guess


I understand your concern regarding the aforementioned topic, I actually read that post before I posted mine like any other fully functional adult that doesn't want to stick their foot in their mouth. However, I really think that your concerns are a matter of perspective. This is a business, a game of mutual exploitation, and believe me the last thing any of us want is to have the escapist fisted for copyright infringement. There isn't any major change to the content of the show, it's just the intro, it's not gimmicky, it actually last for less than 20 seconds. If it bothers you so much, close your eyes and hide under your bed for the duration of the intro.

In regards to one of your previous posts, saying that them putting someone else's music as the intro is more original and heartfelt than their own music? Really doesn't make any sense at all.


Good review of the game.

Like the new intro music too.

nice review, imo. i don't mind the new opening/closing :P i hope yahtzee reviews all those great games featured at E3 '08 when they come out :D

Hahah, Funny stuff.
What's the name of the song at the beginning of the movie?


But seriously... seriously, I would whore the shit out of Meccano Dune. I would build scale houses out of Meccano sets that people could sit in, you have no idea. Although, they had hardly any walls and were very pointy, thanks to all the fun of rusty metal screws you just can't get with a set of LEGOs.
But seeing how I have never played (and fuck the rest of you and your peer-pressuring ways, I never will play) a LEGO-based video game, I will bald-facedly nod in agreement with this review.

...and fuck any of you who think "The Crystal Skull" was a legitimate Indiana Jones sequel. I almost didn't want to live after seeing the ending of that movie. And don't get me started on Shia LeBoeuf (or his name translated from French, "beef faggot"... okay, maybe not, but still...).


Emo = Emotional Hardcore. Hardcore punk from the 80's/90's. Look into Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Moss Icon.

Ding ding ding.

sociopath who likes jerk off to dead police men on screen. Awesome fucking review all the i do find the whole Lego trend really obnoxious partlelly because i hate kid frenndley games the more viloince the better

stickle bricks babylon 5, I want a shirt that says this (too bad copyrights would chop that)

Ok can some one tell why is the flash player here such shit, I have not bin able to watch any of these videos on any one of my computers and with any one of my browsers, I have all the newest flash updates and browser updates what the FUCK!!!!!, the old player worked fine by the way and all the other places (yes even YouTube) work fine

lol great review yahtzee :)

This review actually makes me want to buy LEGO Indiana Jones!

Man the new indiana jones movie was terrible when i was watching it in the theatre some people actually clapped !!! and me and my friend laughed

After watching every episode a number of times, this one is the worst, by far. There, I said it. Too wordy, jokes aren't as clever as the other videos, and Yahtzee runs out of breath every other sentence.

Liked the fun poked at george lucas, in my opinion he should be institutionalized for ruining my favorite movie franchise (star wars but hey we'll roll with it)

I wish this theme song was my ringtone. My boss would disagree, but it's not her phone.

Is it really quite so peculiar that I want to play Mecano Dune?
I wont go into intrinsic details but let's just say there's a related design document on my desk.

I'm pretty sure "Giblets" is pronounced with a hard G. . . (like 'goose' as opposed to 'geocentric')

"Main Entry: gibĀ·lets
Pronunciation: \ˈjib-ləts also ˈgib-\"

Copy+pasted from Merriam-Webster online dictionary. It's both.

I just recognized that song he plays at the end for the first time...

It's a strangely gratifying feeling.

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