Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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I would play Meccano Dune and Duplo Firefly, you know. Christ, If I had money I'd probably fund them. Alas, I am a poor bastard, and it shall never be. Probably for the best.

Good review, by the way. I was giggling like a schoolgirl all the way through like always. I've never been big on the whole Lego[INSERT LUCAS ARTS FRANCHISE HERE] thing, and it seems I never will be, but at least I know what to buy my nephew now. I showed him the Indiana Jones series last year, and unlike US, he was far from traumatised... The little sod, found the whole face melting business quite hilarious, really.

Well anyway, you'll never read this and I just wasted my time. I'll go watch Raiders of the Lost Arc again now.

Preferred new music to old. Occasionaly the old music was shit but that shouldn't be what we are focusing on. Review was pretty good, highlight was definetely the end.

The Tingler:

Alone In The Dark please! Man, I think that'll be ripped to shreds. Still, it'll be entertaining dismemberment.

I wouldn't bet on that. First, it's been already ripped by the rest of the media. And second, Yahtzee has been known to be more forgiving toward games trying to do something new.

I understand the need to avoid "borrowing" copyrighted music, but why does every god-damned theme song* these days have to be BONE CRUNCHING POWER RAGE METAL? The intro is a tiny part of the whole thing, obviously, and at the end of the day I don't care nearly as much as I'm letting on, but would it have killed anyone to try something a little different?

(*hyperbole, mostly)


It makes me angry... Bloody dispatched Lego Indiana Jones for Wii 3 weeks ago and I still don't have it :~@

7 day bans for the "First" idiots are not enough. They're unbanned by the time the next ZP is released so they can do it all over again.

On the video, the smirk at the end of the crystal skull video was priceless.

Question: Did Lucasart's decline begin when they changed the logo? Also, I managed to spoil the ending of Indiana Jones 4 for me when I googled "jump the shark." So thanks a lot.

But the old intros were better!


(I mean the worst is by far Temple of Doom).

Hehe, I remember a reviewer stating that was the best one.

I LOVE the new intro! And the review was hilarious, better than the last couple have been. Great job!

EDIT: And think about it - the time and energy formerly devoted to choosing the intro/outro songs can now be used to make the review that much better! It probably doesn't amount to that much, but every little bit counts!

A generic power chord-based nu-metal pile of shit done-a-million-times intro. Just what ZP needed.

Great review, just slightly dissappointed by the removal of the original intro and outro.

Love the new look Yahtzee... though I'm going to miss the different music choices based on what you're reviewing. Incidently, for all you rag on about WoW, maybe you should do an episode on it, or it's expansion(s). Also, perhaps one of the DS Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney games. When I saw you were going to review "Lego Indiana Jones" I thought "Ohh, this'll be good."

You never disappoint. Can you belive they released a stratagy guide for this game though?

I WANT Duplo Firefly! Traveller's Tales, please will you? Please? Pleeaasse?

Good review, but ya I have to agree w/ the other oldies. I like the older style of introducing the review. This new way seems... too manufactured.. or maybe you just got bought out by Lucas? ^^ j/k, seriously though, revert to your older ways!

cant view it ever since the new upgraded version of the player. ;/

What happened to the intro?

The review while funny as usual was also confusing. I couldn't tell if he really hated the game or loved it. So much of it was hate for the game then at the end he liked it?

Bring back the intros!

Oh and all the games he mentioned (Galactica, Firefly, Dune, Babylon 5) I would buy those =D

Yo, totally digging the new Intro :)

The changes suck, but anyway, who am I to say one cannot smear shit on his head if he likes it. If the trend goes like this, very soon, Yahtzee will become one of those countless reviewers who use the words "amazing", "brilliant", "astounding" and "game" in one sentence - even it is for such turds like "Gaylo 3".

I'm officially whining because Yahtzee no longer wants to rip off copyrighted music. I always enjoyed the joke contained within his choice of music to mach the game. That said, I'm not one of the pricks thinking he has jumped the shark as this review was still funny, and he managed to sum up my feelings about Indiana Jones and the Death of a Franchise perfectly. I also like the new theme music even if I miss the old variety.

Awesome Intro
i laughed through the whole video great job Yahtzee

I have to admit, I like the new intro (*gasps*) although we'll see if it begins to grate on my nerves.

As for the review, great! Not played any of the Lego-game-series so can't really comment.

Absolutely hilarious, from start to finish.
New intro doesn't bother me.

I liked the new intro, it gives the video more of a 'professional' feel to it. But it's a shame that the t-shirt adverts are not consistent with this. Not that it really matters mind you.

The review itself was amusing, though I didn't notice there was a little extra at the end till I read this thread. It has become a habit of mine to cut it off a little after the credits roll in.

On the new style: Love it, looks very professional!
On the review: Pretty much agree with you on most points, I found the Lego Indi game a fun way to kill off eight hours, but didn't find it good enough to unlock any extras.
On the extra: Very funny, I did however like the new film, prefered it over Temple.

I can understand why you changed the intro, it was inevitable, but I think the long rambling sentences are becoming a bit too.. long and rambling. They're funny, but getting harder to comprehend. Good job anyway.

Aww... Your song picks have in quite a few videos been one of the best jokes, or at least very clever. I wasn't at risk of getting anywhere near this game, but I think, for once, that your review is pretty near that of most other high profile reviewers.

Now THERE's a warning sign : /

Indy 4 doesn't feel like the movie you'd make to reawaken a slumbering franchise, it's the sort of movie you'd do when hope is pretty much gone and aliens is the only thing you haven't tried to save it. ~~

Hmmm...not a fan of the intro...but then i can't blame the guy for getting sick of having to think of songs every fucking week and at least the intro is decent enough and the music is 'rockin'

As for the review, not much i can say, i didn't find the game that irritating and i enjoyed it a lot...woopdeedoo...

EDIT: As for the new film...i liked it, they once proved the exsistence of God so why the fuck not aliens?

You can kill Short Round!? If you can kill Willie as well, then I'm so getting this game!

Count me in with the cocks claiming you've jumped the shark. And lol at the new "extreme nu-metal intro!!!". Picture this, what is G4 tv going to play now when they introduce the preview to your next review?

Nice review yahtzee but like everyone has said before me not crazy about the new intro. And I've never really got why everyone hates Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so much. Its better than Temple of Doom.

Great review, don't care for the new intro much.

Is it just me, or are Yahtzee's insults not as elaborate as they used to be?

Nope, no Lego Indy for me. I'm way past that. Now if only there were Technics Dirty Harry... oh Technics, how many times I built slightly more realistic stuff from thee.

I'd also like to take the oppertunity to join in with others to complain about the change in opening and ending musics. Not only did the old style add a bit of amusement to the reviews (especially the 'No More Heroes' one, with it being suddenly pulled for being "a bit too obvious"), but because (you/Yahtzee, select appropriate) doesn't really give the feeling of such an awesome rock segment.

If one were to compare (you/Yahtzee) to any given instrument commonly used in such a band, the bass guitar would be my definite choice. Going outside the genre of rock, i think something closer to jazz or perhaps a moderate-pace piece of classical with a good bit of harpsichord could be applied as a far more accurate characteristic. That last bit especially works well considering how much harping the average Zero Punctuation both uses and produces.

To summerize: i don't like it, and since my opinion is clearly the greatest one in the universe, i request that you give in to my suggestions.

The new intro makes me feel deeply and irrationally afraid. I already miss the musical numbers.

...I would consult a medical professional.

Hilarious, and even a holocaust joke. The abortion pic last week apparantly wasn't nasty enough...

The new intro isn't bad, just a shock


Review this week was confusing. It apparently ended on a positive note but I couldn't find any reason why it should be a positive review. Narrative incoherence is becoming a problem.

Totally agree with this.

"Stickle Bricks Bablyon 5" had me laughing very loudly I must admit - really chock full of good jokes this week.

[insert obligatory whine about the music here]

Okay, okay, so of course we're gonna moan, but honestly the music choices before were always so appropriate and funny - they were part of the whole humour. Plus the new rocky thing is just so inappropriate... Couldn't we have something a little more mellow?

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