Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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I've only played the Lego Star Wars games so far and what I like most about them is that they've given me explicit permission not to take the whole franchise so seriously, the exact opposite experience of watching any of the movies or talking to any average Star Wars fan. They're fun and colorful and full of platformy brick-spraying goodness. I don't know if I'll get the same enjoyment out of the slew of new Lego games, 31-year-old movie cynic that I am, but as long as the gameplay stays fun they'll probably keep sucking me in.

Oh, and the rest of you pricks who keep using the phrase "jump the shark" after every single ZP are just proving that you don't understand what the phrase means, so please just stop using it. If you expect exactly the same thing week after week after week, then you are NOT part of the solution. Yes, I also miss the clever intro and outro music, but that doesn't mean you get to completely ignore the actual -content-, which for my four minutes was better this week than it has been in quite a while. And funnily enough I typed out this whole paragraph before I noticed the blurb at the end of the review that says more or less just that.

Crystal Skull was a helluva lot better than Temple of Doom..

I like the new music, although I now have neck spasms from headbanging and something worryingly akin to arthritis from "pulling the horns" too much. Litigation!
But seriously, I just get Nazis, squezze them into my microwave and turn it on full power.

It's not that it was a bad intro, it's just that the music sucks and sets a bad tone for the rest of the video

This new intro is horrible.

The format itself is horrible, billions of images flying around at varying levels of opacity -- the direct opposite of the economical, static, frame-based style of the actual reviews...

But the content of it is equally bad. It's nothing but images of ZP's "Greatest Moments" which feels to me like we've cross over from "I'm going to put out my brutally honest opinions and you can agree or disagree" to "This format works, so let's milk the hell out of it whilst reminding everyone how funny it is so they don't catch on."

the clever music choices were one of the best parts...

I liked the Lego Star Wars Series, and even though they had a bit of trouble being fun sometimes like when there's 5 really hard to find boxes in every stage left and you're checking every nook and cranny of the level to make sure there wasn't an easily missed door or switch or something, I never stopped playing them because they were atleast somewhat fun, and the experiance as a whole was rewarding, unlocking random Jedi, Droids and Sith, running around aimlessly starting bar fights when you weren't collecting, and trying to complete all the vehicles.

I played a demo of LEGO Indy in a store like a week or two back, noticed that I could now use Bananas as projectiles, but didn't know what to make of it or how to use it at all. Good review, though by the sounds of it Lego Star Wars was better, so I'm gonna just pretend the series is over.

i do not know who's decision it was to change the opening song sequence from the videos or weather it was just a test case but they really should come back. the opening sequences have always been original and at times even a bit witty. although it may be nuisance to find and pick an appropriate song for each video, the extra effort could be felt from the first few seconds of the video. the institution of a generic opening leads me to believe that yatzee truly has sold out and has stopped putting the previous effort into his videos.
i had enjoyed these videos originally because they gave opinions that were mainly uninfluenced by pressure from other groups to skew the review. obviously as he gains more influence and viewers this can no longer be the case yet i cannot help but voice my dismay...

on another note, i am very glad to hear that others besides me have gone into denial about the Indiana johns films.

I love the new intro and the review was great (am gald I wasn't the only one who was freaked out in some parts of Indy Jones moives)miss the random song intro but the new intro will grow on me no doubt

Fun review. I recognize some of the flaws from Lego Star Wars.

I'm not a fan of the new intro and outro. The music selection was part of what made things so funny. :(

I actually laughed pretty hard at this review. I can honestly agree, with the whole Lucas Lego combine, and other funny bits.

Not much of a fan of the new intro. I enjoyed the music you selected, because you had a wide taste, and I liked most of it.

Great review of the game and movie. So hilarious, yet true. Waaay better than X-Play.

Intro's pretty good, too.

Love the new episode ben!

I'm not a fan of the new intro (Yes, I still said that with your I-acknowledge-the-new-intro-and-you-shouldn't-comment-on-it-unless-you're-a-douche clause in the outro). Still on the topic of the new intro: it seems to corporate, slick and of something you claim to have hated this entire time.
And on to your video: most of the jokes felt forced. I have always been a fan and will still tune in next week. This isn't the bailing point, yet. Perhaps it was the fact that you were reviewing a game you claimed childish that caused your performance to be lackluster. Hopefully, that is the case because it almost sounded like you were forcing your usual sophisticated and brilliant flapping of that mouth of yours.

One last eulogy for the old intros/outros: they were directly responsible for turning me into an Ian Dury fan. Thanks, Yahtzee.

Straight up: the new intro BLOWS ASS. None of the charm of the music bits. Please revert to those immediately.

yahtzee please tell me what were you doing in front of the camra it looks like you were jaking off then it looked like you were fliping off somone?????

great review as always
please tell me?

Selling out FTL.

How the fuck has he "sold out"? It's an original piece created just for ZP, it's not like it's a Disturbed song with a note to go buy their new album or any such shit.

New intro is awesome and i want stickle bricks babylon 5 lol

I'm missing the old retro into, which seems to have been stomped out, unexpectedly, by its jazzier, more brash cousin. Bring back the old intro, I'm already wading into nostalgia..

Why did they axe yahtzee's music selection at the beggining? I think that was part of ZP's charm.

Ian Dorsch:
Glad to see that some of you guys are liking the new intro music, anyway. :)

Don't listen to the whiners, man - you did a great job.

yeh. again the advertisements ruin such a great review.

also, the post review review was funny, but the post review post review advertisement is fucking stupid.

my screen flashing constantly and shit flying everywhere is always a bad thing. i'd be tempted to check out the rest of the escapist if it weren't for the epileptic ads.

funny review, i was surprised when you reviewed this game it was like when you reviewed painkiller. Liked the bit at the end as well!

While I will miss expectantly guessing which songs you were going to use in your intro, I will admit the new one is a bit more professional and has the potential to become quirky after a few more videos. I like it at least.

And that was the best review of the new Indiana Jones movie I've seen. Is it sad that I understood you perfectly?


Ian Dorsch:
Glad to see that some of you guys are liking the new intro music, anyway. :)

Don't listen to the whiners, man - you did a great job.

I guess I should say that it blows ass comparatively. On its own it's fine, but we basically went from fuck-awesome music selections to mere adequacy. It's a fall, not a lateral shift.

I got interested in The Kinks because of these intros. I could have gone my whole life without having heard "Village Green Preservation Society." :(

I'll get used to the new intro and outro. I just think the music selections really helped set the tone. I mean, thanks to Yahtzee, I'm always thinking of Ringo Starr when I play Bioshock. Then again, I imagine the Escapist might be looking for an outlet for these videos in a format where ripping as much copyrighted music as he wants is not as kosher as an internet video series.

As for the review, wow, I'm amazed he didn't bring up the lack of Nazis in the game for all the Nazi jokes he *did* make. But more ragging on the shithole that is the current LucasArts is always welcome.

At the very least, why not do covers of song clips chosen by Yahtzee?

The reason the music has changed is this is now ZP2: Escapist Within. Like all good sequels, the darker and edgier feel has been matched with MOAR HEAVY GUITARS.*

I'm also very disappointed that no-one has made a "Oh my god, Yahtzee so only reviewed this game to piss off the Harrison Ford fans. It's like he wants to alienate EVERYONE". For shame, sensationalising forum-goers. For shame.

As for the actual review, I more or less agree - it's not perfect, but fun is something somehow deeply ingrained into the source code, despite not showing up sometimes.

Like schizophrenia.

*For those lacking a sense of humour, I am joking. There was a charm to the old intros, no-one can concede, and the new one looks more than a little... flash (not necessarily bad or wrong, but definately a "What the fuck?" moment) and the music didn't quite fit perfectly (again, not necessarily bad, just not - in my opinion - entirely fitting with the feel of ZP).

LE EDIT: Oooh, forgot to finish my train of though. Continuing on from the previous paragraph, replacing the full stop with a comma:

...but charm gets it's arse sued off of it by Copyright Infringement Law. Alas.

I rather like the new opening and closing theme there. Also will probably prevent this site from having its ass sued off by the RIAA.

I thouroughly enjoyed this review, especially compared to a few of the recent reviews. The intro animation was nice, but did you have to use such over the top and ridiculous music just to avoid copyright laws? I do understand if you can't use other music willy-nilly now that you're making it all more professional, but did you really have to use that awful stuff?

Another very good review, but was there any punishment for each death?

Interestingly, I always find death more annoying if there's no direct restart or 'Return to Checkpoint'. Partly because I feel the game is pitying me, but also because when the game kind of 'glasses over' something I feel less like a twit who has to try a section over and over and instead remember my final, successful run.

Jumping the shark? No.
Draining some of the homespun wit? Yes.

Samples of music up to 30 seconds are fair game under the fair use agreement, don't know if that helps any...

Jumping the shark? No.
Draining some of the homespun wit? Yes.

Samples of music up to 30 seconds are fair game under the fair use agreement, don't know if that helps any...

It's actually not that simple...

I appreciated the note at the end saying that the intro music was changed so that Yahtzee wouldn't have to use copyrighted music and then instantly launching into "Anything Goes".

...which might actually not be under copyright anymore. Can't be bothered to check.

Missing the old music but understanding why it's gone.

My review :

Hate the start and the end. Bring back the old one. (Yes, I know he said it looked more professional but it's just NOT AS GOOD). Capitals used because I can't get handgestures on here.

Main bit : Great, I always loathed the Star Lego Wars as it combines two of my favourite things in the same way that Curry Icecream does. Badly.

End Review : Brilliant.

But seriously, the music at the end/beginning was one of the best parts of ZP. Bring it back please. Don't go all Puppet Theatre on us....not now...

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