Unforgotten Realms: Episode Five: R-O-A-M-I-N

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Question to the maker: In the originals you also called Jacque Mr. Axe. This would make his full name Jacque Axe, sounding like jackass if you say it right. Was that your intention or did I just mistakenly give away a future plot point/joke??? (Sorry if I did)

Also, are you ever going to bring back Mindy... um, I mean Cindy? Or do another Christmas episode? And will they get the 100,000 gold pieces of gold from the king this time around?

And I swear to God if you write "wait and see" I will... say something... hurtful and cruel... back at you... at some point.

May Thor Bless You.

For now Jacque has no other name other then Jacque. He was never "called" Mr. Axe with the exception of one episode where he simply didn't have a name. For the new series though, he is just Jacque.

Female gamer didn't mesh well and for now I like the current cast a lot. Never say never but 99% percent sure that was just a one time character.

Your writing is getting better, there were some real laugh out loud moments (most notably the close up rabid axe) Good job man!

"flashbacks are awesome, and mike's a fag"
and everything's an optical illusion! O_O
these are great ^-^

R-O-A-M-I-N Hes a crime solving rank 11 paladin,
the best rap ever

Bring them in for questioning, dead or alive! lol Great ep

Sweet... I thought I was gonna tip over from laughter when he said the wolves were an optical illusion.

Wolverine doesn't wear a mask anymore.

- funny as hell though!

R-O-A to the M-I-N he´s the crime solving rank eleven Paladin!

Wow, this is almost too painful to watch, Considering that I actually do roleplay.

It got to 4 minutes 7 seconds for me and won't load any more *cry*

I only just discovered the series, and it's consistently hilarious.
I'm systematically going through each episode and I can't stop laughing.

"You can't speak wolf you idiot. Oh wait, I guess you can" :)

I like that you're using references to the originals while taking things in a different direction at the same time. This is really becoming it's own story now rather than just a remake with a few new characters and extra jokes thrown in.

Good job.

Yeah what she said. Really awesomeness stuff.

Hey did anyone notice how the ogres horn or hair changed as he woke up

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