Unforgotten Realms: Episode Six: WTB Ogre Slaying Knife

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Episode Six: WTB Ogre Slaying Knife

Sir Schmoopy and Eluamous Nailo continue the epic battle against a vicious ogre.

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Sweet video as usual!

omg this is it, it's no optical illusion

That was fantastic! i like the "swords of light" joke

Oh my god! Rob you are getting better and better! This is probably the best series i've ever seen! And it contains the legendary FLARE-FART! AMAZING! Greetings from Germany and by the way:


The episodes are just getting better and better.

Great work, keep it up.

For some reason, I'm pretty sure that was the most epic battle I've ever witnessed. Why was that the most epic battle I've ever witnessed?

That sort of brought me back to my earlier D&D games when I first encountered a monster with damage reduction and suddenly the battle seemed almost impossible.

And, I don't mean to alarm you, but the episodes seem to be getting better.

cool stuff great knight of awesomton

That episode was full of win.

Another great episode. And great use of story (the battle) it was well thought out and didn't seem like a bunch of random stuff. Hell it even convayed the sense of urgancy in the battle, nice work. Plus it had some great humor in it as well. Truely an EPIC win!

Schmoopy is going to have puppies huh?

Any clues on the unforgotten sins?

Keep up the great work Rob, you make every other thursday on this Earth suck that much less.

Long but funny cool fight nice :)

'ok....i cast but flare!'

'Now all we have to do is wait for the turnbased montage!'

Awsom vid as always! Bin waiting 2 weeks for this, unfortunatly now i have to wait another 2!

Great episode, "Nice trap card Yugi" HAHAHAHA

I have to disagree that the episodes are getting better. That's not to say I didn't really like this episode but the first few episodes made me laugh a lot more. The jokes seem to be getting a bit repetitive in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was still a great episode and keep up the good work.

"Holy crap it worked, you successfully did something useful little guy; and here I was thinking your only purpose was solely for Unforgotten Realms merchandise"

Best line in the episode :D

I loved the I just have to outrun you bit, I saw it coming but I laughed anyway.

Rob's voice sounded a little less badass and funny... Everything he said sounded kind of explanatory, like he's turning into Mike... Other than that, it was Ok, worst so far though. (Still good)

I'm loving Unforgotten Realms. As a shameless table top gamer, it hits my buttons, and Rob's munchkining of rules, etc. is clever and often funny. Great work. Looking forward to more.

Really starting to develop a clear plot.. the tension and timing was also much improved!

good but probably my least favorite out of the six.

Hey, that actually was pretty good ^^

This was the most action packed, emotional and memorable episode in the series to date.

It was... meh... okay I guess, not as good as most of the preceeding ones, at least it wasn't as bad as R-O-A-M-I-N.


litterally during the battle my heart was pounding at the action
and the part with petey was brilliant

Rob, I will never care how long it takes to release a new episodes (btw im not complaining), as long as it turns out to be as epic as this one.

I loved this episode it was so epic. I was like omg when sir schoompy said "eat us". I was so amazed that he came up with that brilliant plan in so lil time lol.

I used to think that this new version was going to be boring and repetitive, with the jokes changed only slightly, ("Face the wrath of canuck steel, fool!") but this one really turned it around for me. Good job.

love this show it remember me and my friends playing d&d it was just too much fun... what good days...

I loved this episode.

The quote "What do I need to roll to ... " is quite prevalent in our gaming sessions, making it that much funnier.

"I had a feeling that being inside a dude was something you would enjoy" Haha

So far this was my favorite episode. I loved the Yugioh reference and the joke about petey only being there for merchandising reasons. Can't wait for next week

I actually enjoyed this episode the most so far, at least for the plot. There was an actual battle where they had to actually be smart and stuff, rather than the normal resolve the fight with a joke. This was really great, I liked the serious battle!

I felt somewhat the same way about The Dark Knight, although I thought it was brilliant enough to make up for it.

Another funny episode, I'm going to be quoting this one for a while.

Another great episode. Lol Schmoopy cast flare out of his ass.

I don't get why people are saying that THIS is the one that advances and defines the plot. There was ONE battle in it that wrapped up the problems of the previous episode.

That's not to say that this is wasn't the highlight of my week (which it was). Truly EPIC in your presentation. The jokes were fantastic, and I LOVE the fact that you are introducing problems, characters, and plot points from the original, yet having it end differently. "Mike, all spiders are weak from the inside out. Come on. Common knowledge."

Also, where might one find said Petey merchandise? Would make the big bucks, along with a Zero Punctuation Limited Edition Hats.

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