Stolen Pixels #7: Vulture Milk

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Since this thread is semi-back-from-the-dead, I'll just mention to any readers that Lord of the Rings Online has the drops thing figured out pretty decently. The standard issues still apply ("Why the hell doesn't this boar have a head? Why didn't that bear that just mauled me with a skill called 'Armour Rend' not have ANY claws?"), but the drops are quite logical. Intelligent humanoids are the only things that drop food and potions, for example. Animals never drop money, only pelts and small trophies that you can sell. You'll never get a [Broken Greatsword] from a swamp-fly, but if you're fighting orcs you'll likely have a full stack of them in 10 minutes.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I've been maxing my mana since childhood without even knowing it XD

"I'm not sure what it means when the unaltered mechanics of your videogame can serve as the punchline for a joke, but it probably isn't a hallmark of success in the area of game design."

Or maybe joke design.....

Actually no, I've seen many a joke with the same premise that was actually funny.

I've been reading your comics that are on the Escapist, and honestly, the one only one so far that has even made me smile is where the orc suggests they should tell the Horde recruit to get squirrels tusks next time.

However, you seem to have a following from somewhere, so I'll continue reading your comics and post again when I get through them.

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