160: Mario Golf as Foreplay

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I started playing games when I was 5 in 1987, I still play them today. During my teen years (95 - 02) I played them constantly, not doing any school work and never leaving the house. This did all manner of things, girls were certainly not on the radar, I was shy as hell and I had no interest in anything to do with people or the world, and still don't. Some see games as a hobby, some of us see them as life itself, a better life.

Great read, hope you end up writing more articles for the Escapist.

Why do these articles always have to be so depressing.

Well, as a shy white male, I'm already certain that I'm going to die alone and lonely.

man i was already depressed enough from the article and now you go and say something like that...

If a girl can't keep you entertained as well as a game, then she's not really worth it. I've never broken up with a girl due to games, but if all I'm thinking about is the next game of Dawn of War, then she's not doing her job right.
Also- What the hell is up with kissing? A kiss is lovely, one that lasts ten fricking minutes is just boring. Is it only men that feel this way?

I think he means Indians from India,not the people who live in tepees lol.

I've got no facts to back this up, but from my experience (admittedly limited) this kind of thing is no more games' fault than shootings are games' fault, granted the later is much more extreme, but my point is that things like this happen because of the 'human element'.

take me and my best friend / girlfriend (it keeps going back and forth, mostly when we're not living together we're just friends, then.. yea. complex heh) anyway, we met in WoW, but i play other games, (lately on an oblivion kick, since i've got a computer that runs it now.) where as she still spends most of her free time in wow. I think of us as equally geeky because of this, but she seems to still think that having multiple 60+ chars on multiple servers, with loads of lowbie alts is significantly less geeky than playing oblivion or neverwinter nights 2.

my theory is that to her, and the other women who play it i've encountered, the other real people behind characters in wow makes it a more social, and there for more socially acceptible game, its zelda meets myspace.

so I kinda straddle both sides of that issue. my conclusion on how to deal with it all?

well if I had that, i'd be married heh.

good luck to you sir, nay to all of us!

and for the love of the gods, build a farm

I sometimes feel like I'm the only gamer in the world who's had no issue with the women in my life and gaming. They either loved games or didn't have a problem with them. That said, I'm marrying a girl who understood the necessity of knowing where she packed her SNES controller when she moved out.

Yeah balance is important. Sure. But a "woe is me, it must be their fault for not encouraging me to be honest about my feelings toward games" attitude combined with admitting you really just don't know how to deal makes for some inconsistency in the story telling laundry list.

Unified theme plz.

uhm... I think the answer to this problem is to find a girl who's into the same hobby. All my friends are into the same hobby XD it makes for less arguements (probably why we're friends)

This guy's girlfriend didn't really game or maybe wasn't the type of gamer that he respected etc.

My boyfriend and I both play games and I don't begrudge him for playing games while we're chatting on the phone as long as I can do the same and I'm not going to walk between him and the tv while he's gaming because I hate it when ppl do that so I'm not going to inflict the same on him.

As hard as it is to believe for some guys, girls game and we try to meet you at the same places that gamers conglomerate... like at conventions and table-top groups like DnD and WoD.

A very avid description between the classic struggle between video games and dating. However, I am forced to remind you that this particular burden is not yours to bear. Brendan, I know for an absolute truth that you were never involved with Reggie, aside from your own sad delusions. You need to realize that creating lies to cover your own shortcomings affects people in the real world. I will solve this dilemma for you Brendan. The girl will ALWAYS say no to you, and the video games will not.

i used to have a girlfriend, but i asked her to play halo and stuff like that too many time so then she dumped me...


I liked the Hook reference.

The dynamics involved in getting it into the hole are infinitely pleasurable.

Er - I'm talking about Mario Golf, of course.

....whoever would treat their girlfriend like this is a real loser. I'll just tell her I want a night alone, or I'll finish up me level or match and pay attention to her. I've been a gamer for 7 years, and I've had her for about 1 year now, but I know whats more important.



You dredge up a two-year-old article for that? If you were making a valid contribution then thread necroing would be fine, but for an emoticon? Consider yourself reported.

Well, once I tried to get my ex to play Goldeneye 64 in multiplayer with 2 of my friends (and me). I can't shake the feeling that she ended our relationship 2 days later because I fragged her :S

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