de-rez: Yahtzee's Biggest Fan

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Not 100% on, but it did make me laught. Keep up the good work fellas.

Awesome, it's been much too long since the last de-rez. Too long since I've heard Trogdor as well...

The burnanator?

Anway Nice vid, I saw the jokes coming and still got a laugh, abet a small one.


Perfect. The only problem is that the ZP only folks will never see this.

Or just people who find De-rez to be one of the lamer offerings of The Escapist, right along with Video Game Theatre.

De-rez is waaay above Video Game Theatre.
I laughed at trying to fire Assassins Creed into the sun and the "I dont even know you anymore!" bit. ^^

Well I really liked it. The start was great. The seriously look on Chris's face as he scans through ZP reminded too much of myself (sadface).

Anyway, how many copies of Assassins Creed are you guys going to go through?

It was pretty good, and I hate to be a super nerd but I have to. You used on of Yahtzee's quotes out of context. Though you are right that he didn't like Super Smash Bros, the sand paper condom was from his Zack & Wiki review. Sorry.

It was pretty good, and I hate to be a super nerd but I have to. You used on of Yahtzee's quotes out of context. Though you are right that he didn't like Super Smash Bros, the sand paper condom was from his Zack & Wiki review. Sorry.

You relies what you just walked into right?

I can see you guys going back to game every other Tuesday to ask for another assassins creed

I l'dol.

I just saw the title and had an instant flashback to the news episode, and the ZP right after that said, "Ben Yahtzee Croshaw - Was totally not offended by the recent De-Rez video" at the end and decided this would be good for a laugh. XD

and why always assasins creed? it was a good game

For about an hour, sure. And an hour's being generous.

Anyway, they shattered the disk, burned the booklet, and tied the case to a rocket, all in the name of comedy. I think they've gotten more use out of that copy of AS than anyone else on the planet.

While the ZP-watching montage at the beginning was necessary, it didn't have to be quite so long. More cuts of cigarette ash and discarded alcohol would've done the trick. Could've wrung a gag out of it, too. Still, it wasn't horrible.

Honestly, with all the Yahtzee worship around here, any jab at his expense, or the general insane fanboyness of his uncontrollable horde of insane fanboys, is going to get a laugh from me. I did like your crazy rant at the end, tho'. "I refuse to watch something on the internet that might not be funny", or something to that effect, right?

Guys this was awesome but you've gotta get some microphones or something, I had my volume turned way up and I could hardly hear anything, then the video ends and Trogdor is making my house vibrate (but it was awesome).

I liked it although I think it would have been funnier if you had played Yahtzee himself and just went around beating the shit out of people who like the games he's ranted on.

My ZP haters I've seen seem to think he's like that.

While watching the de-rez I realize like me, alot of people were watching simply, because of the fact there was something pertaining to Yahtzee and that made me kind of sad, because getting viewers like that isn't cool.

Btw way I liked the first couple de-rez, but it kinda went down hill for me, so I stopped, this as an exception.

Pretty funny video! Could I get a link to that Trogdor song?

firing into the sun was nice

Good video. not perfect, but pretty funny.

It needs more flow.

Or they could just blow more shit up. I'd watch that.

"Today we're gonna blow up a Wii. Why? Cause fuck you, thats why."

Seeing Yahtzees name on the vid did make me go running as I am quite a big Yahtzee fan.
But that made me laugh.
Yeah the vid's not perfect but what is these days?
Keep it up guys, good stuff.

You used on of Yahtzee's quotes out of context.

i think that was the point...

Absolutely fantastic! I loved it!

I like de-rez, well of course it's low-bugdet and sometimes the acting feels amateur (the rhythm was asthmatic in the 3D Realms skit), but I like how they do it, it's a lot of good ideas methinks... And this Yahtzee-fanboy skit is great. Although I find myself quoting Yahtzee occasionally and using similar jokes (which I used already before he was famous, which means I'm akin to the superior race of bearded tossers*), this one felt on the spot for me, when people become apeing their idols, you'd better kick them, plus they poke fun at themselves.

VGT has potential, but they rely too much on early 1980's games and the voice actor for Pac-Man really sounds like he's does not care about dubbing...

I'd find Unforgotten Realms funnier if they would edit the sound, too often did it sound unclear and unarticulate...

*sorry forgot to take my meds...

That scene where he flipped the plate was mint.

The similarities between Chris and Yahtzee are uncanny.

... They both have hats.

haha, i liked it, are there more? yeah, i suppose there are, i'll be off to watch them then

Is it just me or are you trying to use Yahtzee as a way to make his fans rush over and watch your videos? I say this seeing as you've done it before and I wonder slightly whether you'll do it again.

As for the part, well, what the hell was that really? I'm afraid I have no idea what your names are so I'll just refer to him as Slightly Ginger Smoking Dude. Slightly Ginger Smoking Dude, watching Yahtzee and smoking while occasionally producing some rather forced sounding laughter. Wait, now he's doing something else and I'm now confused. I've officially lost track of what's going on. Oh, he's dressing up as Yahtzee. . . Hat's the wrong colour and there's no green flourecent badge in it, ee-gads I know too much about Mr. Croshaw than is good for me. May I point out that before the hat was put on he/you looked a lot like Frankie Boyle?

Again with the Assassin's Creed "Jokes" though? Two Yahtzee bits and two Assassin's Creed bits? I've only seen a few of these and it's already starting to be a bit stale. I've gotten bored waiting for humour so I'm going to stop watching now.

I'll stop this little rant with a proper comment, from watching a few of your videos including this one I say that your heart is in the right place but your humour is somewhere cold, dark, and covered in spiders.

this was just a hilraious episode. lol i wonder who played that yahtzee impesonater. that was class. He killed a guy because they were watching de-rez... lol

lol i wonder who played that yahtzee impesonater.

Chris... the main character. He's in all of them.

I can see why there was so long a wait. You had to grow the beard. After watching it once more, I can't stop laughing at the, "At least it's broken." part.

the monopoly guy:

Perfect. The only problem is that the ZP only folks will never see this.

They'll see Yahtzee's biggest fan and they'll come swarming to it that swarms to something...

they'll come swarming just like fat kids swarm around McDonalds at 2:00am on sundays.

Hmm.... Cheap shot, you can be offensive up to a point but this just seems like an attempt to attack ZP and thats very cheap...

HAHAHAHA, first time I watched it it didnt run properly, but this time.. HAHAHA right on boys.

"Awww... my sweet hat!" :(

Hahaha... I bet Yahtzee is thankful for these types of fans. Gives a bloke more target practise.

The CAD reference was superb. Good video.

I really enjoyed the Video. Made me laugh pretty much throughout. However, the only main disappointment in it for me was the acting. I thought Chris' acting was spot on, really good infact. However, the other guy couldn't act. I mean no disrespect here, but I just couldn't get into it whenever he was talking.

From a critical point of view, I would have to agree on the poor sound quality and pacing. Acting wise you cannot really pass judgement, either you can act or you can't, and if you can't then doing it yourself beats trying to find somebody who can and finding out they are an extreme egomaniac (he says swinging his broadsword of stereotyping).

As far as the subject matter is concerned I thought at times it was very funny and, as I myself only tend to watch the ZP videos, kind of accurate. It has also been criticised for being insulting or bad form, something that I find most amusing for the following reasons:
1 - If you watch anything other than ZP then there is nothing aimed at you to be offended about; if you don't watch anything else then maybe, just maybe, it hits a little close to home.
2 - If you feel it is being disrespectful of Ben Croshaw then maybe you should think about what the video is saying about fanboys and then listen to Yahtzee's own well voiced opinions on the subject.

Haha, I'm a ZP fan and i liked this one. Might actually start watching these and see where it goes. Didn't really find this one offensive at all. But perhaps Yahtzee might think otherwise...

I'm a regular ZP fan, and I'm bored at work. I figure, hey, let's take a look at other stuff here, see if anything is good to watch or even slightly amusing. I watched a few other de-rez videos before this one, and found them consistently boring, unamusing, and generally uneventful.

Sad to say, I'll find something better to do. Waste of wasteable time.

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