Zero Punctuation: The E3 Trailer Park

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While i couldn't agree more about every single game you bashed(whats the damn hype about Resident evil 5? makes no sense!) You forgot to mention Little Big Planet and Fat Princess as impressive games, then again, you did say once that no one likes when your being nice to games :P

Great video as always :)

The video game industry has sadly gone the way of the movie industry. Everything nowadays is about sure fire selling projects and pre-existing properties.

Tis a sad time indeed.

I'm not looking forward to many of the new games coming out. Gears 2 might be alright, so long as they don't take the same route as Halo did.

The only three I can't help being hopeful for are Mirror's Edge, Brutal Legend, and Diablo 3.

To quote Rex Stout, "...That is of course the advantage of being a pessimist; a pessimist gets nothing but pleasant surprises..."

I think that's probably the most appropriate statement to sum up the games industry (among other things).

Edit: I thought better of that. We're still getting shit from games even with a pessimistic attitude, but it sure as hell softens the blow.

I had found recent ZPs to be relatively unimpressive, but this one seemed to be a shift back into gear. Now that there's actually some new content to be blithering over, we might just be able to get out of this awkward zone that a series of critiques is likely to fall into when there's nothing to critique. But that would, of course, be optimism, wouldn't it?

On a more positive note, the intro music has finally started growing on me. I was amazed.

*clap,clap* OI! XD
also, isn't Fable 2 also coming out in October? It's hard not to be excited about that!

I think what he should have put in there was mirrors edge. that is original in style and execution because its melee combat (condemned) mixed with free-running momentum and parkour seems good. Fallout 3's trailer was plain hilarious and I can't believe that Final Fantasy XIII was even mentioned. Maybe he should has just said all the JRPG's there are a bunch of games for people who like spreadsheets and open up excel... FOR FUN!

HAHA, best summary of E3 I've heard since the event. He's right about the originality, though, nearly every single game released these days is either a replica of its prequel, or a "borrowed idea" from another game.

Yep, I used to be happy and optimistic, but now I too toil under the heavy black cloak of cynicism.

But yes! The Watchmen trailer! If the director messes up this film, he's going to have a lot of unhappy people writing him some pretty strong emails, I bet...

And trebuchets. We all need more trebuchets.

watchmen will rock
that is all
first you explain that the e3 will count for nothing(trailers are nothing 'n all)
and then you move on to review nothing


Mind you, I actually pondered getting tickets through a friends who works for an advertising agency that did the trailer for one of the games (I cant remember which one) but decided not to and good thing to.

you forgot Fable !
come on it has a dog !!!

Hype has truely not effected me nor have I been "HOLY CHRIST MUST GET IT" about any game in the last five or six years other than Bioshock or the Orange Box, because Steampunk is a love of mine and because TF2 + Portal were looking very nice.

Great review, I was happy to see E3 getting some more groans in its direction for (once again) being overly dull.

Groovy Pants almost made me shit my pants in laughter.

Didn't even mention the Portal: Still Alive.

While watching this for the first time, i said 'Oh, wait', at the same time Yahtzee did after that Star Wars bit, which made me laugh my ass off.

Additionally, i still don't like the intro and outro. I sure hope Yahtzee reads these comments, or else i'm gonna feel like a twat for bringing it up here so often.

Am I the only one who noticed that everything in this video was covered in the latest Australia Gamer podcast in which Yahtzee took part?

I suppose he had to adapt the points of that podcast for the ZP 'tards who flock to him like flies upon a refuse pile.

To Yahtzee, cynicism is great, but advocate it much further and it may become a religion with you ordained as its spiritual leader.

Watchmen will be mildly enjoyed by those who didn't read the book and know nothing about comics.

Watchmen will be HATED by those who did read it and love comics. Because it will SUCK compared to the book.

Groovy Pants almost made me shit my pants in laughter.

Didn't even mention the Portal: Still Alive.

He's not very optimistic about P:SA. Listen to the latest podcast on, not Zero Punctuation but pretty fun stuff in it's own right.

Videos not loading :(

Can you not make these downloadable or available in other formats for circumstances such as these?

That was so funny, I almost fell off my chair. Spot on about most of it to

Video won't play

Exactly my thoughts on pre-rendered trailers of games. They are crap!!! Just release a CGI movie if you want it to look pretty otherwise show me what the game looks like

Video is not playing, the archive videos are :(

The Poet:
He says in the ending text he looks forward to it.

No, he implied there was some hope.

also, isn't Fable 2 also coming out in October? It's hard not to be excited about that!

People say that considering the creator's track record the game is overhyped. Hopefully it's not.

Ugghh..Gears of war the game I'm least looking forward to seeing my friendslist repeat when it comes out "team deathmatch on masion" or whatever I want fallout 3!

EDIT:you do know if you have the pc version of portal portal:still alive is free as its just a collab of modded content?

I was geting all excited that he forgot something until he mentioned mirrors edge there at the end.

Wake up!

good video.

A mate asked me a few days ago what thought of e3 this year. He sent me some videos, they looked rubbish looks like yahtzee agrees

Yahtzee how could you have said that? We all know Sonic unleashed is going to be a load of poo wrap inthe remains of what the franchise has left to offer, which is hardly anything. As for the ability for Sonic to tun into a wolf, well didn't Zelda try and cover this and somehow make the game even worse?

LMAO poor Steve Buchemi.

That was pretty funny. I like to go into the game with low expectations just so I have the opportunity to be surprised. Although sometimes when I do this I wind up feeling like my low expectations were too high, ah la Alone in the Dark remake.

Also, Yahtzee I would love it if in your next video you could address one very important issue. Last I remember Fallout 3 was denied rating in Australia due to drug use. Surely you of all people would want to play it. Are you going to suck it up and deal with it or try to get an import from America or Europe? Or did it eventually receive a rating?

At least he mentioned Mirrors Edge in the credits... In my opinion best game at E3.

And the reason he didn't talk about inFamous is....?

I will be buying FFXIII because yes, I am a blatant FF fangirl. xP So sue me.

I almost always enjoy ZP but this is the first one where I honestly laughed so hard it hurt.

During the MGS review I started to worry that everybody's favorite limey was losing his touch. MGS's story is convoluted? Welcome to 2001, Yahtzee.

but then the webcomic episode came along to show that he's still got it. That along with this episode shows that Yahtzee should do more than the standard game reviews. The Escapist should definitely give Yahtzee more creative freedom.

I'd personally love to see Yahtzee's take on a "Top 10 most overrated video games" or a "Most annoying JRPG stereotypes".

Gotta love the irony in declaring angst-syndrome in Prince of Persia while doing the same thing with your intro themesong!

Beat me to it, you asshole.

Sure, The Watchmen movie isn't exactly original, since it's based on a graphic novel older than I am, but it is a story forged in a time when originality wasn't quite dead. I too am hopeful after seeing the teaser, and it certainly helps that the Smashing Pumpkins song fits disturbingly well.

But isn't it curious that that song was originally made for Batman & Robin, perhaps the worst superhero comic book movie of all time? Is The Watchmen movie poking fun at the genre itself? If so, that's a good sign, since that's what the graphic novel did to comic books in the first place. Intrigue? Or perhaps I'm simply looking too far into this.

Spot on review of E3, as always Yahtzee old boy. Nobody probably actually cares about this, but a friend of mine and I have started playing Yahtzee to pass the time, and we've become hopelessly addicted gnarled dice crones in the span of only a few days. Fancy that!

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