Unforgotten Realms: Episode Seven: You know what they say about Dwarves right?

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Episode Seven: You know what they say about Dwarves right?

Our adventurers finally reach the haunted house, after the battle with the Ogre.

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Been waiting all day for this episode hahaha. I'm a huge fan of the show, thanks Rob

I've been waiting patiently for this, congratulations on another great episode.

You've still stolen SIr Schmoopy's epic avatar! And I stood up till 11 h at the evening to see this. And its epic! Roamin pwns! Greetings from Germany and bluerahja put that avatar away <.<

i been waiting for this all day... im at work but i dont care... if... my boss see me ... jojo

damn! amazon. com

jajajaja this was the best part of my day thank you

Books on the shelf:

Harry Potter and the Tiddly Wank : Why Kobolds are Magnetic : Vampire Sex in the City : Pork It's the Meat of Kings : How to hit rank eleven in twelve easy steps : This book's title is filler

Ep 7. You know what they say about Dwarves, right?

and "Mike is Gay" "So Is Jacque"

Awesome episode as usual Rob. Well done.

That one had to be my favorite so far. Well done!

Truly a good episode. The voice acting for the things hiding in the bushes was rather weak but overall a good episode


a nice sweet long one but why did u put it on soo late?

This is the best episode yet! This one blends the plot and humor perfectly, while Episode Four was nearly all plot and Episodes five and six were just humor. I take it that Guinsoo will be returning due to Jason's remark. Or maybe Rob's just messing with our heads.

"Well Excuuuuuse me princess." Lovin' the Zelda series reference!

Another funny episode, the detailed pictures of the rabid Jacque and Petey were freaking hilarious.

Yay! I thought we weren't going to get one today!

This was awesome! And it didn't feel like it was too long either. I've got to say that this was my favorite so far, so keep up the good work.

Nice! This was my favorite so far. Roamin, kobolds, evil Petey/Jacque, it doesn't get much better. Great work Rob!

Excellent work i was kinda losing hope that the "main plot" was destroyed by episode six but this got things moving again good work


omg it's the plan! KOBOLD!!!!

So Eluamous is a Dwarf! I can finally sleep at night...

I honestly love you. UR is perhaps the highest quality production on The Escapist, and it certainly shows through.


timmy the tribal?

Wait, I can get Petey stabing Rob, he was origionaly a villain, but Jaque was created for good, why would he stab him? Also, shouldn't the doorbell be a colored section on the frame? Oh, and Wizards go to school, not sorcererss.

Awesome as usual Rob.

heehee makes me laugh ^-^
"plan c! plan c! run for the hills!"
im gonna use that next time im with my friends :P

The return of the KOBOLDS!!!!! And I think the best joke this time was the schmoopy spoon. Another amazing episode Rob keep it up!

This is by far the best episode yet, I use to come here just for Zero Punctuation but now I look forward to and enjoy these alot more. Keep it up yo

That was awesome

That was great, my favorite episode so far.

I had to make myself an account to congratulate you on this series. Dude this is so hilarious, I used to come just to watch Zero Punctuation, but then I decided to check some other series, and it was totally worth it going through the series to find this one.

Keep it up, I am loving it, can't wait till next episode.

I still think Jaque should be a hammer.

Cause then he would be, like, a Jaquehammer!

But hes an axe, you know who use axes? LumberJACQUEs :P.

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