Unforgotten Realms: Episode Seven: You know what they say about Dwarves right?

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Mon ami, do a roll du baril"

KOBOLD! I love the little throwbacks in there.

Hey Nice as always i first saw this series on youtube and loved it its awesome i rlly loved the "plan C,PlanC, Run for the hills" i laughed so hard and also when they got past Roamin and it was just a great all around ep BEst one yet

"On a scale of 1/10, I wanna punch you in the face"...I'm totally gonna use that!

Getting better and better.
Totally quotable lines btw.

Great episode

"on a scale of 1 to 10 i want to punch you in the face" one of the best lines ever

oh, wait, squishfase alredy quoted that.. oh well

This episode was great as always, I love this series to much, keep it up

great ep.

i liked how you worked in the animated zelda reference

Schmoopy's spell will have interesting side effects, for example wont the tribles think they caught one of there own?

Good episode, one of my favourites so far of the new series. Good to see the Kobolds are back.

Wow..... Cool magic class.....

And a random subplot.

"Why does an axe have to hold another axe?"

Great episode Rob.

Awesome as always. Thanks for working extra hard on this one.

But hes an axe, you know who use axes? LumberJACQUEs :P.

That was so terrible. I mean, really really bad ;)

Wow. This was nice. Like it.

Roamin fails at Adeventurer trapping.

OMFG, I loved Jason.

"Oh yeah, Im a ghost warlock now, thats kinda new."


Keep him in the plot for sure!!!1

I loved this episode. Only thing that I can think of that I was a bit saddened by was that Jason's first line after opening the door wasn't 'You rang?' Otherwise it was great, keep it up!!

Funny, but old ones are still better.

Man....I thought I was the only one in the world that ever used the "well excuuuuse me, princess" line. Mad props for the Zelda reference. You win the internet.

"Mon a me.. ja Spoon" That cracked me up ^^.

Great epsiode keep them coming. I love the Kolbolds ^^

"On a scale of one to ten" this episode is definatly a ten, and i wana punch you in the face.
I love this cartoon, its awsom!
All we need to do now is get you fired from your job and we can get these weekly, ah the dream.

Wait, I can get Petey stabing Rob, he was origionaly a villain, but Jaque was created for good, why would he stab him?

Jacque is good?


Also, shouldn't the doorbell be a colored section on the frame? Oh, and Wizards go to school, not sorcererss.

What doorbell? It was a spell on the wall? and I'm pretty sure in my own Roleplaying game I know who goes and doesn't go to school! I wouldn't try to apply logic to this series as the more I do, the more likely I'm going to even contridict my own rules of the game but just like real roleplayers, this is a common theme. It's not a mistake unless one of the players catchs it :(

I really liked that joke about them all going to school together, worked well


Jacque is good?

No, he's the best ;)

Woudnt the curse that changed Schmoopy back to his original form be cancelled when Jason said "Look out, it's a dragon"?

Second question, if this game belong's to Mike. Why is he in Rob's basement??????????

this series is hilarious i just watch Zero Punctuation but watched this and lmao, can't wait till next episode.

lol I like at the end, "imma chargin up my fireball"

Random argument man:
Woudnt the curse that changed Schmoopy back to his original form be cancelled when Jason said "Look out, it's a dragon"?

Second question, if this game belong's to Mike. Why is he in Rob's basement??????????

First, absolutely not.

Second, don't you have that friend that just comes over to your house and walks in and acts like he's in his own house...?

i'ma chargin' ma fireball

So friggin' hilarious. Of all the eps I've seen (including all the old ones), "on a scale from 1 to 10 I wanna punch you in the face" has to be my personal favourite line.

Keep em coming, they've all been great :D

OMG I love this episode its got so many quotable lines
"On a scale of 1 to 10 I wanna punch you in the face"
"Well you know what they say about Dwarves"

And OMG I love Roamins little man servant/bitch

"Well, excuuuuuuuse me, Princess!"
Hehehe, gotta love the Zelda references in this show, plentiful as they are.

UR never ceases to amaze me!

Keep it up Rob!

Well done. This things REALLY are an inch from being as great as ZP, and I mean that.

I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I thought it was only ok. It had some great moments as all UR episodes do, but the part with Petey and Jaque putting axes in Schmoopy was a big whats the point. But the episode did get better as it went. Also liked the recap from last episode, "We fought an orge."

Finally good work on all of the voices, that was a lot of characters and they all sounded different, nice work on that Rob.

And can we get a little more of Mike and Rob in the basement, the blank stares a couple episodes ago were classic. Obviously no need to repeat that specifically but your a genius I have faith that you'll figure something classic out.

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