Editor's Note: Mob Rule

Mob Rule

The Escapist listened to me and in turn held me responsible - we engaged in a dialogue. I hope you, the community, continue to engage in this dialogue as you both listen and hold accountable the words and actions of me, The Escapist's new Acquisitions Editor.

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yeah, i guess it is a bit creepy to be screaming into the void for so long and then to get a response back.


Yeah, It's quite an achievement when I get someone to reply or even quote my post, good or bad. It doesn't feel like the first few comments are being read then everyone else is just null and void.

If one does not make one's self content to live in shadow, one is not ready to live in light

Unsure if that's an accolade or condemnation but there you are!

Congrats! It's always a great thing to see another one of us lifeless gamers getting into the big leagues :)


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