de-rez: F*** Microsoft!

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This was funny but I think there was a bit of a missed opportunity considering all the xbox jokes you could have made. Still, "The only injury you'll receive is to your wallet" made me lmao.

Really? the deadpan commercial hat me in stitches. The skit on pro-gamers worked well too. While the perfume commercial didn't work quite as well (the montage with tthe Xbox fit seemed to have a few unnecessary seconds of footage (around 3:06), the overall video was altogether well done in a deadpan sort of way. This one is certainly joining my list of deRez favourites.

Why didn't everyone take as fondly to it?

I enjoyed this one as well. Perhaps the people who didn't laugh just didn't understand some of the jokes?

poor microsoft

Well...not much really happened in this did it?

loved the Xbox Fit part.

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