Zero Punctuation: Braid

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You're not the only one who hates open-ended answers.

my names Adrian and that bit freaked me the fuck out. other than that usual great stuff from Yahtzee.

I know it's long after the video's been posted, but I only recently played Braid and I felt like I had had something useful to add to the conversation in the thread.

There is only one way to interpret the game. And this isn't the "I'm a pompous artist I understand the subtlety" answer. The only way the game is "open to interpretation" is if you haven't done enough work to find the story. A little extra work in the epilogue will get you most of the way there. If you manage to find all the stars then there is no question about how the story should be interpreted.

Also, I think Yahtzee did find the real plot and he was just ragging on the game because a great many people who play Braid may not find it, and also because it's what he likes to do.

when he said "you know who i blame you! especially you Adrian" I literally started shi**** bricks. since my name is Adrian.

i dont know if this has already been said because i cant be assed digging through 9 pages of dribble but apparently Braid is actually about the atomic bomb, world war 2, and the main characters quest for an uncontrollable amount of power

It's sad that this is one of the only Indie games Yahtzee probably ever played.
There are so many other games out there worthier than all the last 5 games yahtzee made a review about (Well, except Monster Hunter of course 8/ )

If you actually read my posts, Yahtzee, start playing Penumbra,World of Goo, Gish, Rocket Knight, or Aztaka, just some really popular Indie games.
Amnesia is also comming up which is made by the same people of Penumbra. I really want to see how you can stand up to a *serious* horror game. Or Garshasp...

The "dick move" isn't actually a dick move. You seem to be referring to the world where time moves back and forth as you go left and right. It actually makes perfect sense with that time mechanic.

If you've got the puzzle piece between two doors, and you use a key to open the door on the right, it DOES begin to open, except as soon as you move the slightest bit left, time reverses to the point in which the door was closed, and if it's a "time-immune" key, then it can't revert to a non-used state.

x=locked door
p=puzzle piece
o=open door
k=key (time-immune)
uk=used key (time-immune)

As Tim moves left (and time moves backwards):

In other words, if you try moving left (backwards in time), then the moment after you unlock the door, you've locked it again. And since the key is magic, once it's used, it's used for all time.

Make sense?

Sorry that was so huge, but that particular criticism always bothered me because it was absolutely invalid, and Yahtzee usually seems like the smart enough type who have figured out why it happened before ranting about it.

Otherwise, spot-on!

Dude what did I ever do? yeah so i was born with the name Adrian. i like kick ass graphic like anyone

0:15-1:28 should be played on every video game convention! On every single fucking one of them. IT IS TRUE! This guy is a prophet. That video fragment made me happy and sad in a same time. It made me happy because I finally found someone who agree with me and see what is really going on the "video gaming" market. And it made me sad because I know that he is right, and I don't see any solution that would stop things getting worse.

I find this episode fascinating. I love it when you talk about games you enjoy but are still able to critique them. Every flaw should be exposed, so that they can be dealt with in future projects. Also, I love the sly reference to the games most popular interpretation, with the atomic bomb.

You know, there are some people who can take hard "dick moves" like the stars. These people are something of a hybrid between the 100 percenters and the timing experts. These people brush past quicktime events like DDR masters. These people get enough bandages in Super Meat Boy [BTW, I read that you're considering reviewing that :)] to get the Minecraft guy, but still not abuse him at all. These people will master Fez in a matter of weeks.
Speaking of SMB, Fez, and Braid, there's "Indie Game: The Movie", a movie about their makings, which has recently gotten a trailer that's as heartwarming and deeply twisted as the plot of Braid.

I finally got this game during the steam sales, and I must say that your complaint about the 2 doors 1 key thing is completely wrong! I only recall this happening 3 times in the game, and 2 of them you use your time reverse to get the key back and use it on the other one. For the third one, the gimmick of the world is that moving to the left makes time reverse, and you can get the puzzle piece by either entering from the left or right. Since the door isn't glowing green and time proof and the key is, any attempt to enter in left would cause the door to immediately close and the key to break. My point being, using logic, you could figure it out without trial and error.

I do however agree with the stupid plot. I mean, the ending was brilliant, but I don't get what was going on. I truly think they just put a bunch of partial plots that seem indie together and tried to make us draw a connection that isn't there.

(P.S. I live in Sarasota, your beaches can suck it!)

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